Made In Chelsea Rosie Fortescue: To stay sane, you have to be yourself

Friday, October 19 2012, 11:00 BST
*Note Reveal Exclusive, Reveal OnlyRosie Fortescue
Made In Chelsea finally returned to our screens this week, so we sat down with Rosie Fortescue to get inside the head of one of the original Chelsea girls.

I'm happiest when… I am working hard and spending time with friends and family. I hate not being busy. The harder you work, the more you can have fun!

The proudest moment of my life… was when I finished my degree and started my fashion blog, at fashion forte.

I get angry when… I'm late. I never am. I hate that feeling of knowing you're going to be late. I'm always early. I'm more than happy to sit in a meeting 10 minutes early and send emails on my iPad but I get really anxious when I'm late!

In ten years I would like to be… married and a successful businesswoman.

My greatest fear is… spiders. I'm a twin and apparently it's a twin thing – twins are supposed to be more inclined to be arachnophobic.

The part of myself I like the least… I'd like to be more easy-going.

My secret talent is… that I'm very good at painting my own nails. People always think I have manicures but it's all me!

My friends would describe me as… having a sick sense of humour.

I keep healthy by… drinking lots and lots of water. I'm quite unfit so the gym isn't for me but I really like Pilates because it's great for toning and posture.

The best advice I've been given is… always be true to yourself and don't conform. I'd much rather be my own person than be the same as everyone else. If you want to stay sane on a show like Made In Chelsea, you have to be yourself!

The one thing I'd save in a fire is… my dog Noodle.

Made In Chelsea, Mondays 10pm, E4

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Katy Hill: 'I think Jessica Ennis is an amazing role model'

Thursday, August 23 2012, 17:47 BST
A generation of us know her from her days on Blue Peter but these days Katy Hill is more at home with her kids. We talk parenthood, worrying and having a good old gossip!

I'm happiest when… I'm hanging out with my children, Kaya (6) and Akira (3) and my husband, Trey.

The proudest moment of my life… was having my children. It's busy being a parent all the time but it's amazingly rewarding.

Katy Hill Skylanders

© Simon Jacobs

I get angry when… I've got PMT! Inefficiency gets me annoyed too. When you become a parent you get used to being so efficient and if you're somewhere where things could be running more smoothly, that really winds me up! Life's hectic enough; I'm all about simplifying.

In 10 years, I'd like to be… looking at my children who will then be 16 and 13, and be confident that they're getting inspired by the right people. Kaya is obsessed with Jessica Ennis at the minute and I couldn't be more thrilled. As a parent you hope that your children are impressed by the right things. I think Jessica Ennis is an amazing role model for my daughter.

The part of myself I least like… is that I'm a worrier. I always worry about everyone else, whether or not they're having a good time. Physically, there is nothing about myself I really don't like. I remember reading an interview with a celebrity who said she didn't like her feet and since then I've been obsessed with looking at her feet. So I say don't flag it up!

The last time I cried was… during the Olympics. I blubbed my way through those two weeks. Other than that I cry at adverts, even ones about washing powder! My husband always laughs at me; I'm super-sensitive.

Katy Hill

© Simon Jacobs

My secret talent is… listening in to lots of conversations. I think it comes from live presenting because you've normally got an earpiece in with people talking to you and you become used to listening and speaking at the same time. Now I find it's quite a handy skill when listening in on gossip! Sometimes on public transport I have to stop myself from asking people to speak up a bit when I'm listening in! I love a bit of gossip.

My hero is… my mum. I never remember her getting annoyed when we were kids and she must have been exhausted because there were three of us. Mums in general have heroic qualities because there is a relentlessness to it. I think full-time mums are the hardest working people on earth.

I keep healthy by… eating really healthily, because I have to. I have a cross-trainer in the garage so I try to train most mornings – half an hour in the morning before the anyone gets up. That's 'me' time and it energises me for the day.

My biggest regret is… not going to university. I chose to go the work route and got the job on Blue Peter. I think uni would have been a lot of fun and I'd quite like to have a degree under my belt. If I were 18 now I would without a doubt go to uni. If my kids didn't know what they wanted to do I think I would push them towards a business degree of some kind.

My guilty pleasure is… spooning Nutella straight from the jar! I double dip with the spoon and I don't care who knows!

The one thing I'd save in a fire is… my hard drive. All my photos are on there – from my children's birth to all our holidays. I don't care about the material stuff, my photos are key. I'd be lost without them.

Katy Hill getting to grips with Skylanders Spyro's Adventure, the number one selling kids video game of 2012 that combines physical toys with virtual gameplay. The sequel, Skylanders Giants, is launching on 19th October 2012. For more information, please visit

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Getting to know...Claire King

Wednesday, August 8 2012, 13:15 BST
Emmerdale and Bad Girls star Claire King is joining the cast of Hollyoaks

© Lime Pictures

Lookout Hollyoaks, there's a new sheriff in town! Soap legend Claire King is set to join the show as Mrs. Jones, Myra McQueen's prison governor. We chat to the former Emmerdale and Bad Girls star about her love of horse riding, fear of conger eels and road rage!

I'm happiest when…my horse, Swiftly Done, is winning.

The proudest moment of my life was…getting my Equity card, meaning I was a member of the trade union for actors. I was so chuffed – it made me feel like a proper actress.

I get angry when…people sit in the middle lane of the motorway and don't move over!

In 10 years I'd like to be…still alive! I seem to be having an operation a year at the moment. I recently had a knuckle removed, so it looks like I'm giving people the bird all the time!

My greatest fear is…conger eels.

The part of myself I least like…is my sticky out ears.

The last time I cried was…watching the film Control. It brought back so many memories from the past. I loved Joy Division and for Ian Curtis to have died so young was such a waste.

My secret talent is…that I used to ride as an amateur jockey, I guess some people would consider that a secret talent!

My heroes are… Dustin Hoffman, as he actually got me into this business in the first place, and all our soldiers out in Afghanistan are heroes. It's not just famous people who inspire me - it's anybody who inspires me to do something and better your life.

My friends would describe me as…mad as a box of frogs! But also quite down to earth.

I keep healthy by…taking off my make up before bed and drinking plenty of water. I moisturise with the bog standard stuff, I don't do any of the fancy stuff.

The best advice I've been given is…you're only here once, life is not a dress rehearsal. All the old clichés are there because they're true. Get through life but try to get something out of it.

I would most like to work with…Dustin Hoffman or Kevin Spacey. I met Kevin at a premiere and he was so lovely, he shook hands with everyone at the party. He's done so much for theatre in this country.

My guilty pleasure is…Sunday mornings with the papers while watching Hollyoaks!

The one thing I'd save in a fire is…my Labrador and my boyfriend.

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Getting to know... Beaver Falls star Samuel Robertson

Friday, August 3 2012, 13:30 BST
By , Reveal Reporter
By Erin Cardiff

Samuel Robertson from Beaver Falls
It's a hard life for Samuel Robertson, who spends his days filming sexy scenes and having fun in E4 hit comedy show Beaver Falls. Here, we really get to know the 25-year-old Scottish actor, who plays Flynn.

I'm happiest when… I'm playing my guitar and singing. And singing well – when I'm hitting the high notes I thought I couldn't reach.

I get angry when… people are rude and nasty. I just don't understand why anyone is prepared to dispense with the energy of being rude or nasty to anybody. If you've got those feelings or sentiments towards someone, you should just walk away and try and not have them in your life.

In 10 years I'd like to be… a rock and roll star. It's all fun and games at the moment, as I picked up the guitar a lot later than most guys do. It's what I enjoy most when I've got the time.

My greatest fear is… destitution. I'm not scared of anything like heights, so probably living in a cardboard box is my biggest fear. I'm not a massive fan of water, though.
Sea Vs Man - there's only ever going to be one winner!

The part of myself I least like…is being slightly too opinionated. I have an inability to bite my tongue in social situations. I've put my foot in it a few times telling someone whose put on weight or something like that.

The last time I cried was…hmmm. Well, I was a little tearful when Andy Murray cried at Wimbledon this year. I wasn't full on crying by any means though!

My secret talent is… that I used to be a half decent football player. I was never professional, but I think if I'd put my mind to it I might have had a chance.

My hero is… Eric Cantona or Keith Richards, just because they say it like it is. They've got an immense talent but they've also got a flair with it.

My friends would describe me as… a bit of an oddball! I'm always doing things or saying things that my mates seem to be raising their eyebrows at. I say things that I think are completely normal and people are like: "What? What are you talking about? Like what?!"

The best advice I've been given… was from my Mum and Dad. They told me to go and do whatever I want and not to feel pressurised into doing something somebody else wanted me to do. I think I've stuck to it and I've told my mum and dad I've started to regret that. I'm in my mid 20's now (25) and a lot of people are starting to get engaged or buy houses and some have families but I'm a little far away from that!

I'd most like to work with… Emma Rigby. She's the most gorgeous actress I've ever seen in my life. She's also a great actress and was great in Prisoners Wives. She's always crying and miserable, so I'd like to do something that would put a smile on her face!

My guilty pleasure is… Take That. I don't know what it is, I'm a rock and roll! I was a real music snob until about 3-4 years ago, if anything was in the charts or on Top of the Pops, any Beyonce or anything like that I'd be like 'rubbish.' Then something happened, I think someone put on A Million Love Songs at a party and I was like: "Actually, this is a good tune!"

The one thing I'd save in a fire is… nothing. It sounds bad, but I'm looking around my room right now and I'm not really materialistic. Everything I've got can be replaced. I'm not really sentimental either; in fact, I'm probably the least sentimental person!

Beaver Falls, 10pm, E4, Monday 6 August 2012

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Getting to know... Chicagolicious stylist AJ Johnson

Wednesday, August 1 2012, 10:43 BST
AJ Johnson from Chicagolicious

© Robert Trachtenberg/ Style

If you're a fan of Jerseylicious, you'll love brand new show Chicagolicious! The ten-episode series follows AJ Johnson, owner of AJ's of Chicago, and his team of hair stylists and make-up artists as they work with their glam clients and try to expand his business. Reveal caught up with AJ last week to chat heroes, guilty pleasures and regrets.

I'm happiest when I wake up in the morning and I'm blessed with another day.

The proudest moment of my life… was when my son was born. He's 20 years old now.

I get angry when… it takes a lot to get me angry!

My greatest fear is… leaving this earth without being internationally known.

The part of me I like the least… is my lack of patience. If there is something I want to do in life I need it to happen immediately. I work on it immediately. I don't like waiting in lines, I don't like waiting on whole. I lack patience. I think I need to be productive in every second of my life on earth. I need to be better in myself and doing something positive.

The last time I cried was… at my dad's funeral.

My hero is… my dad because he had really no education but he provided for us and gave us a wonderful life. He had nothing as a little kid but he raised us in an upper class part of Chicago. He gave me the best education; he gave my mother everything she wanted. He was the best man ever. He had no book education but he had so much knowledge. He taught me how to be a man. I owe all my success to him. He taught me how to love women and appreciate women, too!

The cast  of Style's new show Chicagolicious.

© Style

My friends would describe me as… very confident.

I keep healthy by… taking care of my temple, taking care of me.

The best advice I've been given is… love what you do.

I would most like to work with… that's a problem. Anybody I really admire and like I have already worked with. I can't think of anybody else I'd like to work with. I've pretty much worked with everybody that I want to, so I haven't met that person yet.

My biggest regret is… I can't think of one. I don't have any!

My guilty pleasure… travelling abroad. I took a trip to Africa for a month and absolutely loved it. I haven't been to England yet; I'm waiting for you guys to get me there! I need to build my fan base there! I have a check list of things I have to do and I say when I go to England I will probably have a flat and live in England for some part of the year. When I come there I will probably be staying there for at least six months and I would come back every six months. I'm very intrigued by England and the style and I love everything I read about it.

The stylish Brits I like are... David and Victoria Beckham and Russell Brand. Those are the people I like.

Chicagolicious, Wednesdays at 10pm, on Style (Sky 253)

> Getting to know... Darren McMullen
> Getting to know... Holby City's Chizzy Akudolu

Getting to know... TV presenter Darren McMullen

Monday, July 30 2012, 11:00 BST
Darren McMullan for Beat TV

© Ken McKay

Darren McMullen has just finished filming for The Voice Australia and is now back home to cover all the juicy Olympics news for Coca-Cola Presents: Beat TV alongside Dave Berry and Laura Whitmore

We caught up with him to find out about his unusual way to stay healthy, One Direction and how he can't live without his iPhone.

I'm happiest when… I'm travelling. I like going to places I've never been before and learning new cultures and languages. A place that stood out was Brazil, I really loved Brazil. I love travelling around America too and seeing that weird and wonderful place.

The proudest moment of my life was... it was always a lifetime ambition of mine to host shows in every English speaking country in the world and last year I did that and a lot sooner than I thought. I had shows on in Canada, America, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, the UK and Ireland, so that was definitely a proud moment.

I get angry when… people are condescending or pretentious.

In 10 years, I'd like to be… sitting on my own private island sipping Mai Tais.

My greatest fear is… being trapped in a room and forced to listen to One Direction for hours on end.

The part of myself I least like… my impatience

The last time I cried was… when Pudsey the dog won Britain's Got Talent. Actually they were shooting him outside my house the other day in L.A. It was a photo shoot in front of the Hollywood sign. He's made it!

Darren McMullen, Dave Berry and Laura Whitmore

My secret talent is… I have the gift of being able to enter a room full of strangers and have pissed off every single one of them in some shape or form by the end of the night.

My hero is…. there's a few. John Lennon, Muhammad Ali or George Clooney. That guy's suave.

My friends would describe me as… quirky or eccentric.

I keep healthy by… maintaining a steady stream of alcohol through my system.

The best advice I've been given is… by my dad actually, who said, 'You can achieve anything you want in life if you just put your mind to it.' He was pissed at the time and he didn't remember the conversation the next morning, but luckily I did!

I'd most like to work with… Obama. I think if we put our heads together we'd be able to sort out that mess of a country. Gun control might be first on the agenda I would imagine. Or healthcare for all.

My guilty pleasure is… singing the Moulin Rouge Elephant Love Melody song, both the male and female parts. Much to the annoyance of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, I was constantly harassing her on the set of The Voice to try and get her to sing along with me. I was going to play Ewan McGregor and she would play herself. She said she would, but it never ended up happening.

The one thing I'd save in a fire is… myself preferably. I'd have to take my iPhone too, I'd be lost without it.

Coca Cola Presents: Beat TV airs 6.30pm on ITV2 every weeknight of the Olympic Games, from Monday 30th July until Friday 10th August.

Getting to know... Holby City's Chizzy Akudolu

Sunday, July 15 2012, 13:52 BST
Holby City actress Chizzy Akudolu, who plays surgeon Mo Effanga in the BBC1 drama, opens up to Reveal about losing weight, her ex boyfriend and why she's always smiling.

Chizzy Akudolu Holby

© BBC Pictures

I'm happiest when… I'm chilling out with my five nieces, as there is an element of bliss. They range in age from six to 25 and they're all very funny with very different personalities.

The proudest moment of my life… was when I lost 4st with Lighter Life. I felt like I could conquer the world! I went for a TV casting after and it must have radiated in the room because I got the job.

I get angry when… people are rude and insincere. I've been on jobs where actors treat the crew rudely, which I think is unnecessary.

My greatest fear is… that I'll never achieve what I want to achieve within the industry and also my personal life. I would hate to be an old lady thinking: "I really wish I'd gone for that."

The part of myself I least like is… that I sometimes bottle stuff up, instead of letting somebody know straight away that they've hurt me. I think: "I can't be bothered, I'll just let it go," but then it comes out at a later date.

The last time I cried… was while filming an episode of Holby after my character had given birth. I've never cried on-screen before and was offered a "tear stick", but said no because I wanted to tap into the emotion of the scene.

Chizzy Akudolu Holby

© BBC Pictures

My secret talent is… making people smile I don't know if it's so much of a talent though! The secret is just to beam at people, as they find it very hard not to beam back.

My hero is… my mum. She's an amazing woman and has done so much since she came to the UK at 16. She raised five of us and putting us all through private school. She's just been a grafter all her life and I admire her for that.

My friends would describe me as… warm, very funny and sensitive. That's actually one of my worst traits, as I can be too sensitive!

The best bit of advice I've been given… was from an ex. He said: "If anybody ever tells you that you should give up acting, you should give them up. They're not you're friend." It's stuck with me.

My guilty pleasure is… chicken and chips. Chicken in a box is a very bad pleasure.

Holby City, 8pm, BBC1, Tuesday.