Love Island's Rachel Fenton hits back at her bodyshamers: "I genuinely feel sorry for you."

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Love Island's Rachel Fenton has hit back at bodyshamers who branded her "fat" and "weighty" after she posted a bikini picture to Instagram.

We can't quite believe it either!

Rachel Fenton and Rykard Jenkins pose for a new picture in London - 3 Aug 2016

© Instagram / @rachelfenton1

Reality star Rachel never looks anything short of stunning and she took to Instagram on Monday morning (8 August) to share a seriously cute snap of her and island beau Rykard Jenkins as they shared a cheeky kiss on the beach.

Of course, it wasn't long before Rachel's fans and followers flooded her feed with comments such as "Goals!" and "You guys are so cute!" but amongst those were a series of harsh and totally uncalled for opinions about Rachel's figure.

A handful commented on Rachel's stomach, calling her "heavier" and even "fat" as she leant in for the kiss with Rykard - but she wasn't going to let the nasty words slide.

Love Island's Rachel Fenton has a message for the bodyshamers, shares on Twitter, 8th August 2016

© Twitter / @RachelFenton_

In fact, nurse Rachel decided to hit back almost immediately, and she took to Twitter to call out the "hurtful and insulting" comments by sharing a truly inspirational message with her fans.

"To those people who are trying to body shame me and say I look fat or pregnant in my recent Instagram picture, here's a quick message," Rachel wrote before getting real honest about her body.

"I am not ashamed of my body," Rachel continued, "and you won't make me feel ashamed. I was on a beach with my boyfriend at the weekend and we were happy together. That's what this picture shows and that's why I posted it on Instagram."

She then encouraged the people who had left the rude comments to think long and hard about the impact their words could have on other individuals.

Love Island star Rachel Fenton wears dress from her own collection with StyleGrab on night out, London, 19th July 2016

© Instagram / @rachelfenton1

"To those people who posted hurtful, insulting comments I suggest you go away and look at your lives and ask yourselves why you feel the need to make women feel bad about themselves," Rachel wrote, "because you are the ones with the problem and I genuinely feel sorry for you."

"I'm saying this on behalf of myself and all those girls who have ever been made to feel bad about their bodies. Because no one should ever be made to feel under pressure about their weight by others! #teamrealwomen," she went on to say.

After sharing the message with her 129K followers, a handful of Rachel's celeb pals including Katie Salmon and Zara Holland gave their support.

A photo posted by Rachel (@rachelfenton1) on

"Well said Rach. Couldn't have put it better myself! #beatbodyshaming," wrote Zara, while Katie said, "[You're] a beauty inside and out."

Her boyfriend Rykard gushed, "Proud of you & your body bub #RealWoman."

Back on Instagram, Rachel's followers took it upon themselves to stick up for her, too.

"Are people for real! FAT! She is not fat at all she's got a amazing figure I would love to look like she she does I hope nasty comments like that don't effect [her]," wrote one.

"Not fat or skinny just healthy," Rachel finished.

Hear, hear! Keep doing your thing, Rach - you're b-e-a-utiful!

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