Exclusive: TOWIE's Billie Faiers talks new In The Style drop, calling time on the show and Lauren Goodger's return

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TOWIE's's biggest fashionista Billie Faiers has just lifted the lid on yet another stunning collection with In The Style and - believe it or not - this drop is even more glamorous than the last.

It's safe to say Billie has answered all of our mid-summer prayers with the oh-so-romantic line that boasts billowing palazzo pants, ultra-girly floral frocks, stunning crepe jumpsuits and a whole 'loada slinky numbers - and we're pretty certain you'll want everything.

We recently caught up with the mum-of-one herself, to talk parting from the show after seventeen series', Lauren Goodger's much-anticipated return and what we can expect from her sparkling new range.

TOWIE star Billie Faiers launches her Mid-Summer Romance collection with In The Style, snake-print dress 8th August 2016

© Billie Faiers x In The Style

Dress £34.99

We love everything! But what makes your transeasonal collection stand out from Binky Felstead and Charlotte Crosby's upcoming drops?

This one's called Mid-Summer Romance and now, we've got a few things with a sleeve as we move towards autumn but I'm a maxi dress fan so we had to include those, too! We know that the two-pieces just fly out, so there's more of those this time. They work so well as do the palazzo pants and wrap dresses because they're flattering on all figures, especially people with curves.

We've got an amazing mixture this time and I'm so proud of that. It's all nudes and greys - I think that's what people want from fashion now. We've all got our own styles and tastes but my collection is more dressy and glamorous. Most of it you'd probably wear with wedges or heels – it's for the girl that loves to go out.

We absolutely adored the Nelly Mini-Me pieces – were you surprised by the response?

People on Instagram were going mad for the whole lot, especially the little bomber jacket because it's totally different to anything we've ever seen before in childrens-wear. It wasn't all little knitted cardigans or dresses - you wouldn't usually see satin bombers and cute frocks in kid's shops!

TOWIE star Billie Faiers launches her Mid-Summer Romance collection with In The Style, grey crepe jumpsuit, 8th August 2016

© Billie Faiers x In The Style

Jumpsuit £34.99

We were so sad to hear that you've quit TOWIE! – what made you call time on the show?

I've been on the show for 17 series - can you believe it? It's gone so quick and I've had the best time and I've been offered the most amazing experiences but I just feel like I have to leave some time.

I want to start a new chapter in my life and concentrate on other things, I mean, I do want another baby and that's going to take more time. For me, filming isn't a huge commitment anymore so I just felt like now is the right time. We're all on really good terms. It's open for me to return – if I want to go back I can, but I'll take the time out for this year for sure.

What will you be focusing on now that you've left? Do you have anything exciting in the pipeline?

There are always different business projects but I'd love to do something else in TV. I couldn't deliver the showbiz news like Ferne, I just couldn't do live TV! Funnily enough, Ferne stayed at mine last week and we were talking about how it's just so hard and I could never keep it going. Talking to the camera without stumbling over your words is a total skill and a true talent.

I think I'd be better off on a fly on the wall documentary or a reality show of my own, to do with my family. I'd also love to do documentaries – asking people questions – something more interactive. I couldn't do the whole just talking thing. I'd be useless and nervous!

TOWIE star Billie Faiers launches her Mid-Summer Romance collection with In The Style, floral playsuit 8th August 2016

© Billie Faiers x In The Style

Playsuit £29.99

What do you make of the news that Lauren Goodger is coming back to TOWIE? We're SO excited!

Lauren has always been such a good character because she just has so much to give. It's great because she's had a break and now she's ready to come back. I have literally no idea if she's coming back for good and I heard of her return through the grapevine! I think she'll be back for a while, though, because we wouldn't be making a big deal of it if she was staying for a cameo.

Do you think she'll stir things up? There are so many new faces - who do you think she'll get along with and who do you think she'll clash with?

Hopefully she'll stir things up because we love a bit of drama! I think she would really get on with Megan McKenna [because] they're both quite similar – they're both very fiery. I think she's friends with Chloe Sims so I think she'll just slot back in. I don't think she has any enemies on the show – yet!

Do you think she'll be influenced to go under the needle again? Essex is super-glam, after all...

She has a new natural look about her now so it'll be nice to see her be herself. I don't think she'll be influenced by anyone – I think she'll stay the way she is looks wise. She looks really, really good so she shouldn't go back to the fillers or procedures.

TOWIE star Billie Faiers launches her Mid-Summer Romance collection with In The Style, 8th August 2016

© Billie Faiers x In The Style

Maxi skirt £29.99; Top £19.99

Sam actually shot your In The Style campaign pictures – what was it like working with your sister? Did she do a good job?

It was a really good, fun chilled out and laidback day and there were no arguments - no throwing tantrums, nothing which was great! She's just starting out with her photography so we thought we'd give her the opportunity; she's really serious about it and I definitely think she'll make a career out of it.

The In The Style shoot was her first proper shoot with anyone believe it or not and she just needs to practice because she knows she isn't experienced at all yet. She needs to build her profile up and learn more about the camera, lighting and angles.

Do you think she'll make a go of it professionally? Baby Paul could be her model!

She wants to get her own studio and I think she's really going to make a go of this. Ever since we were younger she has been into the camera, always. She's always had the newest digital camera! I'm the opposite though, every camera I've had, I've lost which is no good when you've got kids and you want to make memories! That's what we've got Sam for.

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