Meet the new style tribes: The 90s ravers

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We speak to four different streetwear fashion groups who reveal what it's like to be a part of their culture, the reasons behind their style as well as their favourite music.

You heard it here first, fashion has gone full circle! Meet...the 90s ravers!

90s ravers - Emily, Harry, Mancie, Marcus, Gavin, Mercedes and Georgi. Taken in the Reveal studios.

© Liz Gregg

Back row, from left: Emily Redlick, 17 ( a student from South London), Harry Rigg, 20 (law student from Aberdeen), Mancie Baker,17 (singer/songwriter from South London), Marcus Sivyer,19 (stylist/ model and photographer from London), Gavin Rittoo,19 (media student from Aberdeen). Front row, from left: Mercedes Benson (social media manager at Google, instagram mercedesfbenson) Georgi Morgan, 17 (student from South London).

They are inspired by vintage sportswear and music influences like Beastie Boys and Run-D.M.C., and they describe their overall look as "easy and chilled - it's a way of life".

Trainers, logo tops and sportswear are a central part of the trend. "We stumbled across this style through playing football. We realised the sporty look was actually quite fashionable!" say Harry and Gavin.

90 raver Marcus Sivyer. Taken in the Reveal studios.

© Liz Gregg

90s ravers - Mancie Baker, singer from London. Taken in Reveal studios.

© Liz Gregg

Their favourite shops include JD Sport, Urban Outfitters, Asos, Topman, Depop and vintage Adidas.

As well as being influenced by 90s hip hop, their party playlists include more current artists like Rihanna, Drake, LL Cool J and Disclosure.

90s ravers Harry Rigg and Gavin Rittoo. Taken in the Reveal studios.

© Liz Gregg

90s ravers - Georgi Morgan, student from London. Taken in the Reveal studios.

© Liz Gregg

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They like to attend festivals like T in The Park and V Festival and hang out at house parties and local nightclubs.

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