Throwback Thursday! Proof Holly Hagan never used to be so sizzling hot

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Holly Hagan is now one of the hottest reality stars we know (move over, Kim Kardashian) but have picture proof that the Geordie Shore star never used to look so amazing...

You guessed it - it's Throwback Thursday time!

Looking back through the fashion archives we spotted this eye-popping snap of Holly looking less stylish and more garish at the MTV EMAs in 2012. Can you even believe your eyes?!

Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan at the MTV EMAs in London 11th November 2012

© Getty Images / Jeff Kravitz

The reality starlet poured her curves into this cer-azy, elaborately embellished prom-style dress which boasted an in-your-face netted fishtail hem, a skin-tight skirt and of course a plunging neckline that accentuated her inflated bust.

How would you even manage to get out of something like that? Er, ouch.

Holly gave The Little Mermaid's Ariel a run for her money in the hair stakes with her traffic-stopping fiery red mane and we dread to think how much elbow grease/time went into backcombing that gravity-drefying bouffant.

Amy Winehouse would be so, so proud.

Her slightly tangoed make-up look and stacked false lashes were the cherry on top, however, but we know that the TV babe wouldn't be caught dead wearing that much bubblegum pink blush today.

Nowadays, Holz treats her 2.6million loyal Instagram followers to a series of stunning selfies (some of them au naturale - yup, really!) and she is currently the root of all of our eyebrow envy. Her extensions are pretty much seamless (hurrah!) and her foundation is always blended like a dream.

Can you believe it's the same person? The difference four years can make is unreal.

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