Exclusive: Jasmin Walia talks stunning new MissFoxy.co.uk clothing collection!

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With her love of curve enhancing bodycon frocks and Kardashian-esque coats It was only a matter of time before Desi Rascals star Jasmin Walia turned her hand to fashion!

Que our total excitement when we learned that reality beauty has teamed up with MissFoxy.co.uk to create an absolutely stunning collection bursting with must-have party pieces and luxe winter-wear.

Here, Jasmin gives us the lowdown on the new drop and lets us on on her biggest fashion regret - ever!

Jasmin Walia poses in black dress at Missfoxy.co.uk clothing launch in London 11th November 2015

© £16.90 MissFoxy.co.uk

Jasmin Walia poses in nude Missfoxy.co.uk clothing launch in London, 11th November 2015

© £29.90 MissFoxy.co.uk

We're so excited that your collection has finally landed! What pieces have you been wearing to death?

It consists of party wear and day-to-eveningwear featuring sequins, studs and embellishment! The collection ranges from dresses - suede and laser-cut - two-pieces, coloured leather and studded plunge neck jumpsuits, with some gorgeous, casual roll-neck and shoulder detail knits that can be dressed up or down.

My favourite pieces are the sleeveless cowl neck dresses – they are very sexy, figure hugging bodycon dresses which are great on a night out. I also love the knitwear dresses which I team with knee high boots – a lovely wintery look, but still feminine and sexy.

Jasmin Walia poses in khaki cowl-neck dress from MissFoxy.co.uk collection £29.90, 16th November 2015

Dress £29.90

I absolutely love the leather slit burgundy maxi skirt because it looks amazing dressed up or worn casually. The black co-ord laser cut skirt and top are really nice to wear for a date night or bar event and the jumpsuit is perfect for a sophisticated evening event - the plunge neck is really sexy, but not too much!

My inspiration right now is definitely Kylie Jenner - she's just amazing!

The range is so utterly glam - how much input did you have?

I hand picked all of the pieces for the collection and carefully selected pieces that I felt reflected my own style and my inspiration right now is definitely Kylie Jenner - she's just amazing! A lot of girls ask me where I get my outfits from so I wanted go pick pieces that I thought they would like.

I also wanted a lovely rich wintery colour palette so chose neutral tones, with splashes of rust and berry shades - of course the essential party season black is in there! Every girl needs an LBD, so there are a few in the range. I have also tried to design the collection with all shapes and sizes in mind so there's something for everyone!

Jasmin Walia poses in slinky cowl-neck dress from MissFoxy.co.uk collection £29.90, 16th November 2015

Dress £29.90

From the collection what would you sport on:

A date? For a date I would wear the black jumpsuit, it's sexy but sophisticated. It's a little bit revealing with the cheeky plunge, but leaves everything else to his imagination! Black shows class and girl power! All the right signals on a first date!

A night out with the girls: It would definitely have to be the cowl neck dress in khaki worn with a nice red lip and black heels. If it is really cold I'd opt for the long sleeve one haha! Depends how daring I'm feeling at that time as I love a backless dress!

A family day out: I'd go for the suede co-ord, teamed with little black flat boots and a casual white t-shirt underneath.

Do you have any major fashion regrets? Be honest!

I wore a hideous jumpsuit once, all black with mesh paneling, but in all the wrong places - it just did not look sexy at all! I also spilled drink down it without realising, then walked out of the nightclub and got papped. The drink look liked sweat marks – the shame!!

Jasmin Walia poses in slinky nude coloured cowl-neck dress from MissFoxy.co.uk collection £29.90, 16th November 2015

Dress £29.90

Your beau Ross Worswick is always so stylishly turned out! Do you give him wardrobe advice?

Well, he has his own clothing line 'The Couture Club' so he's always been very much in to fashion. I can't really fault him – to be honest he end up giving me fashion advice! I take him shopping with me all the time. He literally walks round with me for hours sometimes helping me choose outfits - poor him ha ha! But what are boyfriends for right?

Sometimes celebs get a bit of flack for turning their hand to fashion – it's happened to Amy Childs and Lauren Pope – so what would you say to those people?

At the end of the day it's not easy to do a clothing collection, a lot of hard work goes in to it, which I'm sure everyone who has done it can relate to, so hopefully people will appreciate the effort that I've put in. The purpose of this collection is to offer fashion forward young girls the chance to wear sexy, feminine, on trend clothing without breaking the bank.

How does this collection differ from the rest of the TOWIE girls' ranges?

It differs because it's about my personal style. Everyone has their own, individual style and I like that! This collection totally reflects how I like to dress.

Why did you decide to team up with MissFoxy.co.uk in particular?

I decided to team up with Miss Foxy because they are a great high street brand. I hope to eventually start creating my own designs with the brand, too. I really get along with the team and they really understand where I want to go with my style in the future. They are very up and coming so I'm very excited.

Jasmin Walia poses in bomber jacket and matching skirt from MissFoxy.co.uk collection, 16th November 2015

Bomber Jacket £29.90; Top £16.90; Skirt £16.90

Your figure is to die for. What are your top body confidence tips for looking fab in all of those slinky frocks?

Thank you so much. I've actually started personal training with my trainer, Tony. I am trying to help out my social media followers by posting different types of exercises to my Instagram so people can get some tips and ideas from us both. I'm using Protein World as well and that makes me feel confident.

Nobody is ever happy with their body, but you've just got to embrace what you have and improve it. As long as you're trying and you feel goo, that's all the confidence you need! People must remember that diet is equally important – good food makes you feel great from within.

Jasmin's top pics are available online at MissFoxy.co.uk now!

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