10 '90s fashion and beauty trends we're SO glad we grew out of!

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From studded belts to sports caps, you'll almost certainly be guilty of rocking at least one of these terrible 90s trends! Prepare for a trip down memory lane...

1) Butterfly Clips

These were totally cute before the flimsy mesh butterfly fell off leaving you with an ugly metal clip covered in glue...

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Youtube Screen Shot 8th May 2015

© YouTube

2) Platform Trainers

Owning a pair of these made you look like the 6th member of The Spice Girls. Until you went completely flying and lost a few teeth, that is. OUCH.

The Spice Girls 90s style platform trainers 8th May 2015

© Getty Images / Jeff Kravitz

3) Molten Make-up

You needed a trowel to scrape off the remnants of your gold lip and silver eyeshadow combo and the evidence was still there WEEKS later.

Scary Spice, Melanie B, Mel B The Spice Girls Youtube Screen Shot 8th May

© YouTube

4) Skirts Over Trousers

If you're already rocking a pair of trousers, you don't need a skirt too, right? WRONG. So very wrong...

Skirts over Trousers Models on the catwalk 8th May 2015

© Getty Images / Timothy Clary

5) Roll On Lipgloss.

You were every girl's best friend if you shared your roll on lippie. Until the tube came apart and filled your denim handbag with sludge. Sad times.

Roll on Lip Gloss from Urban Outfitters 90s 8th May 2015

Urban Outfitters £6

6) Velour Tracksuits

We remember buying a velour trackie set because Jessica Alba had one. Unfortunately we could never pull it off as well. Maybe lime green wasn't our colour...

Jessica Alba wearing velour tracksuit May 8th 2015

© Getty Images / L.Cohen

7) Corset Tops

We totally thought we looked as glam as Drew Barrymore when actually, we looked like an extra in a Western film. Yee-haw.

Drew Barrymore in a corset top out and about in America 8th May 2015

© Getty Images / SGranitz

8) Von Dutch Caps

EVERYONE wore a Von Dutch cap. And if you didn't, well, you never had hat hair.

Von Dutch Cap Youtube Screen Shot 8th May

© YouTube

9) Wallet Chains

Were we just scared of losing all of our money or did we genuinely think that the wallet chain look was cool? Hmm...

Wallet Chain bag 90s style ASOS 8th May 2015

ASOS £12

10) Zig-Zag Partings

If you were one of those girls who donned a zig-zag parting, we applaud you for enduring the pain of having your locks yanked on a daily basis. But please stop trying to make it happen again. Sam Faiers, we're looking at you.

TOWIE'S Sam Faiers in London on her way to Radio1 interview with Scott Mills 8th May 2015

© Getty Images / Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle

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