Exclusive: Rosie Fortescue discusses autumn fashion tips while launching clothing line

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It's no secret that Rosie Fortescue is an avid follower of fashion, taking her place on the front row of LFW every season, so it was really only a matter of time before she launched her own clothing range.

The Made In Chelsea star has teamed up with Lipstick Boutique to create a stunning autumn/winter collection boasting sophisticated black gowns, toasty chunky knits and dainty lace crop tops, plus faux fur shawls and pretty monochrome two-pieces.

Reveal caught up with Rosie to discuss her new venture along with her go-to, fail-safe outfit, wardrobe clear-out tips and ultimate style secrets, plus her love for BFF Millie Mackintosh!

MIC's Rosie Fortescue models her new clothing collection for Lipstick Boutique - 4 November 2014

© Lipstick Boutique

Top, £35, Skirt, £40

If you could only have one piece from your new collection, which would it be?

"The Cannes dress, £75, with the feathers at the bottom, it's just heaven to me! I actually wore it to the TV Choice Awards, it was so exciting to wear, it's like the hero piece of my range. And the shape of the neckline makes it really flattering. It works if you've got curves, or if you're not so curvy like me, then the high neck is great because it helps accentuate your shoulders and arms."

Describe your style in three words...

"Tailored, structured and I want to say girly. Sometimes I'm not girly, but I go for little details here and there like pretty patterns, hemlines or prints, or feather detailing. I like to wear something tailored but have a hint of femininity at the same time."

Who would you love to see wearing your range?

"That's tricky. Obviously I would love to say someone like Olivia Palermo, but is that going to happen?! So I think just someone that is going to wear it with a passion and really style it up, and enjoy mixing and matching the pieces."

Are there any particular pieces that you think would look great on your Made In Chelsea co-stars?

"I was actually speaking to Louise [Thompson] the other day, and I think she would look really cute in the fuller skirts teamed with a crop top, that would be really sweet. The cardigans are very Binky [Felstead], very oversized, comfy and warm. And I can't wait to show Millie [Mackintosh] the collection too."

MIC's Rosie Fortescue models her new clothing collection for Lipstick Boutique - 4 November 2014

© Lipstick Boutique

Knit, £55

Millie also recently released her own clothing line - what do you think of it?

"It's really great, I went to her launch party and bought one of her dresses. We really like to support each other, we speak the whole time, I'm so proud of her."

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

"I'm fairly quick, I can be out of the house in an hour if I'm washing my hair, putting make-up on, styling my hair, eating breakfast and returning some emails. I wake up in the morning and see how I'm feeling, whether I want to dress more comfortable or really girly. There's nothing worse than having too much time, because then you start second-guessing your outfit choice!"

Do you ever have days when you panic and feel like you've got nothing to wear?

"Not really, although sometimes for events. When we go out we're photographed, so that can stress me out. Sometimes I have something in my wardrobe that's new but I've already worn it, and I know someone will say, 'Oh Rosie wore that last week already'. But I quite enjoy styling things up to make them look like a completely different outfit."

MIC's Rosie Fortescue models her new clothing collection for Lipstick Boutique - 4 November 2014

© Lipstick Boutique

Top, £32, Skirt, £45

Say you need to dash out the door in 10 minutes, what fail-safe outfit would you throw on?

"I'd go for faux leather skinny trousers and a shawl jacket. Tuck in a white T-shirt or even a pussy bow blouse, that's such a good look, then add biker boots. It's just as quick to put that outfit on as it would be to put on a tracksuit, which is something I would never leave the house in!"

What kind of pieces do you like to invest in, and which items do you tend to spend less money on?

"I think an investment piece would be a good dress, one that you could wear to a smart dinner party or an event, like my Venice dress, £85. You can style it up differently - put your hair up, put on red lipstick and killer heels, or go more boho and wear your hair down and wavy. And jewellery is so key in my life, I'm obsessed with it! It's a great way to add a pop of colour to an outfit, put on a chunky necklace with a plain white T-shirt, some jeans and a big cardigan. I always feel naked if I leave my house without my watch on!"

How do you think your style has evolved since you first started Made In Cheslea?

"I think I'm now really aware of what suits my body and which styles are flattering. When you're young, you're so driven by trends, like say a key piece or a neon colour. But on my pale skin, neon would look awful! It's just a maturity that comes with growing up and learning your body, you develop your own taste as opposed to just following the path and being led."

MIC's Rosie Fortescue models her new clothing collection for Lipstick Boutique - 4 November 2014

© Lipstick Boutique

Dress, £85

Do you ever look back at the first series of the show and cringe at your outfits?

"To be honest I haven't really watched it back! I'm sure there are pieces that I've got in my wardrobe that I still wear, likes blazers and jackets. But I'm sure I had some criminal items too! Every girl looks back and thinks, 'Why did I think I looked so cool in that?!'.

Do you regularly have a wardrobe clear-out?

"I actually just did one this weekend, I took seven full bags to a charity shop. I had vacuum-pack bags under my bed with clothes that I knew I just wouldn't wear again, and I thought, 'Why am I holding onto these?'. So I let go, I'm not a hoarder but it is always difficult because you try to justify keeping things! Also, I couldn't see the wood for the tress in my wardrobe, and I do photos for my blog in the mornings so my bedroom is often a state. I spent four hours clearing out and I was boiling hot, but it was such a good feeling afterwards. Plus you're giving to charity which is a bonus, it gives you an incentive to be ruthless!"

The first drop of Rosie's clothing range for Lipstick Boutique is available to buy now at lipstickboutique.co.uk.

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