Exclusive: Phoebe-Lettice Thompson talks fashion and the real reason she left MIC

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Phoebe-Lettice Thompson has swapped the streets of Chelsea in favour of the design studio by launching her very own clothing collection, Phoebe Lettice X Illustrated People.

Most of us will remember Phoebe when she burst on the scene in Made In Chelsea last year, stirring up drama by flirting with co-star Jamie Laing while he was also pursuing Lucy Watson.

But now Phoebe has turned her attention to her one true love - the world of fashion - by designing her own clothing collection consisting of quirky prints, statement two-pieces and tummy-flashing crop tops.

Reveal caught up with the starlet to discuss her new venture, why she loves Paris Hilton and the real reason she left Made In Chelsea...

Phoebe Lettice Thompson launches her new clothing collection for Illustrated People - June 2014

© Phoebe Lettice X Illustrated People

What inspired you to create your own clothing collection?

"The initial idea behind the collection came by wearing long shorts all summer. I I thought by having shorts and putting a really cool print on, then having a baggy T-shirt too, it gives a hip-hop kind of vibe. We created all of the prints by getting little figurines and stuff from Japan and shipping them over, photographing them and then playing around with graphics.

"I only really wanted to make stuff that I wanted to wear. I haven't bought clothes in ages because I've been waiting for this collection to come out, I'm just going to wear it all summer.

"I also think it's a nice new look for festival wear, because I'm so sick of seeing the 'shorts being eaten by the a***' look. I like to dress up at festivals, I go quite out-there."

If you could only buy one piece, which would it be?

"This is hard because I've already culled a lot. There were lots of pieces that we thought would be good for commercial value, but than I just thought, 'F*** that'. I have good faith in what I design because I think it's good and I would wear it. But the piece I would most want to wear is definitely the shorts. The dinosaur print shorts and matching T-shirt. I'd just f***ing rock them out with my cornrows at a festival, with chunky boots. It's quite a tomboyish collection, but you can make it girly. It's got kind of a noughties vibe."

Which celebs would you love to see wearing your line?

"I've actually got a huge list of people I would love to wear it, like Jourdan Dunn, Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea. Lots of cool girls who would wear it with attitude. I could see Jourdan Dunn wearing the super-short things."

Phoebe Lettice Thompson launches her new clothing collection for Illustrated People - June 2014

© Phoebe Lettice X Illustrated People

Phoebe designed her collection for Illustrated People, and also styled and photographed the shoot herself.

What's the craziest outfit you've ever worn?

"About four years ago, no one really had dyed hair and I decided to dye mine blue. I wore a swimsuit around Bestival, a bright blue one, I felt like the f***ing queen of the world! It was such a big risk and everyone was like, 'Why the f*** is your hair blue?' I get a thrill from wearing something a lot of people might be like, 'Errr…'. Being on Made In Chelsea, I saw the reaction on Twitter, some people love what you wear and some hate it. I like that divide. There's always going to be some people who hate you."

Have you ever watched yourself back on the show and thought you shouldn't have worn an outfit?

"Yes, I was really tired once, I'd been on a shoot for 18 hours and I hadn't slept. I used to work full-time, film and do my own freelance stuff too, I basically had three jobs. I put on a furry hat and an awful furry polo neck jumper! But there were so many outfits that you didn't see [on the show] which I loved. It's just gutting."

We remember that huge feathered jacket on MIC – it definitely divided opinions!

"Yes of course, but I don't really care. I dress for myself."

Made In Chelsea's Phoebe-Lettice Thompson at the masquerade ball (4 June)

© Channel 4

Phoebe wore her fair share of dramatic outfits while on Made In Chelsea.

Who is your style icon?

"Probably Gwen Stefani or Debbie Harry. Gwen's my absolute hero, I love Japanese culture and she really locked into it. Another good one is Paris Hilton. She never changes, I love her, I can't get enough of her. I don't have people I want to dress like, but I have people whose style I admire. Some days I'll be in a Burberry trench and gold Jimmy Choo boots, and the next day I'll dress in tracks. I never really dress the same."

What is the most expensive piece in your wardrobe?

"Probably something I've inherited from my mother or my grandmother. My grandmother used to have her clothes couture made, so probably one of her dresses."

What do you think of the typical Chelsea preppy style?

"It's definitely a 'look', I don't think it's wrong at all, it suits some girls. I like to dress like that sometimes... on the off... maybe once a year! For me, dressing is more of a self-expression so I like to be a bit creative. But I used to work at a magazine and you have to dress a lot better there. I was always in heels and lovely skirts."

Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing tells Phoebe-Lettice Thompson that he likes her - 17 June 2013

© Channel 4

Phoebe enjoyed a brief romance with Jamie Laing on the show, while he was also pursuing Lucy Watson.

Why did you leave Made In Chelsea?

"For this. I had a great experience on Made In Chelsea, but it was time to move on. I wanted to carry on with things I've always wanted to do, I never thought I wanted to be a reality TV star, and I have so many other creative outlets. I always had a vision that I would work in fashion, and I've been working in the industry since I was 16."

If you could have any job, what would it be?

"When I was about 13, I was dead set on being the Fashion Editor at Vogue. But I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing at the moment. If I could have any fashion job, it would be Creative Director at Topshop. That would be great."

What are your favourite beauty products?

"I'm into Fudge Salt Spray, £8.75, it gives a bit of texture. I love Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup, £36, it gives a light, dewy look. I never used to be a foundation girl, but in London it's good to protect your skin, plus that foundation has SPF in it. I don't really like to wear powder because I think it makes me look older. I always wear eyeliner, I like Rimmel London ScandalEyes Eye Liner, £5.49."

Do you enjoy going to showbiz parties?

"Suddenly being thrust into Made In Chelsea, you do get lots of opportunities and premieres. It's fantastic if that's your kind of thing, but I'd rather hang out with my friends at a house party. I just find it all kind of false. I enjoy a good party, but not just for the sake of it."

Do you have a special someone in your life right now?


What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone?

"Thrown a surprise party. But not like all candlelight and s***, it was a f***ing rave party. It was so good!"

Phoebe Lettice X Illustrated People is available from IllustratedPeople.com. The collection comes in sizes small and medium, with prices ranging from £35-£65.

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