Are men with ponytails hot? Reveal debates...

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Are men with ponytails hot? Jake Gyllenhaal, Orlando Bloom and Harry Styles are all fans, but we question whether men with long hair are a turn on, or a turn off...

MIC's Oliver Proudlock hair in "mun"

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YES says Miranda Knox, 25, from Reading

Miranda Knox

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Miranda Knox

"There's nothing sexier than a hot guy who feels confident enough to rock a well-groomed ponytail. Forget boring and clean-cut and shaven, this is a look that gives blokes a quirky, alternative edge.

Let's face it - how many of you would honestly turn down the opportunity to ruffle your fingers through Brad Pitt or Harry Styles' perfectly coifed, conditioned locks?

When I refer to 'hot', I'm not talking about those grungy, greasy guys, whose ratty hair has only grown long because they haven't had it cut since their Mum last marched them to the hairdressers.No.

It takes a certain calibre of man to pull the look off. But with enough care and attention, a lot of Herbal Essences conditioner and the ability to use a hairbrush, a ponytail can give the right man a distinguished, sexy tousled look.

It shows that a man takes pride in his appearance, and is willing to put in a bit more effort than just uncreatively spiking their hair up with a glob of Lynx hair wax.

Besides, there are far worse hairstyles out there for men- think old-school Peter Andre curtains, or ginger dreads a la Newton Faulkner (sorry lads). Give me a smart, sleek ponytail over those horrors any day.

Final case in point- Mr Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, is hot. If it's a look good enough for my Hollywood style icon Gwen, then it's good enough for me."

Kathryn Lewsey

© Reader's own

Kathryn Lewsey

NO says Kathryn Lewsey, 23, from Essex
"I'm all for men experimenting with their look and trying out new things with their hair, but ponytails just don't do it for me.
Male grooming is now more common than ever before, which is all well and good, but spending more time than I do in the bathroom? No thanks.

And I definitely don't want to be sat twiddling my thumbs while my boyfriend spends hours blow-drying and straightening his hair before we go out.

I just can't imagine myself having a moment of passion with a man who's got longer tresses than me. You're meant to be running your fingers through my hair, not the other way round.

And if ponytails are bad, then the current "mun" trend is even worse – buns on men are just a huge no. Made in Chelsea's Proudlock has managed to seriously demote himself in my "hot celebs" list. He looks like he's trying way too hard to be cool and trendy, when in reality, the bun is getting bigger and bigger and Proudlock is looking more ridiculous by the second (the George Michael-esque earring doesn't help, either).

Don't get me wrong, men should definitely be able to express themselves through their image, just like us women do. But this look is just a bit too girly for me. Unless of course, Ryan Gosling does it - then I may just have to change my mind…"