Debate: Should your man defend your honour?

Published Tuesday, Aug 27 2013, 00:01 BST  |  By  |  3 comments
Last week, MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace started a brawl in a hotel after a man repeatedly pinched the bum of his girlfriend, Anne-Marie Sterpini. Did he go too far?

YES, says Liz Johnson, Reveal sub-editor and writer

So Gregg Wallace got a bit crème bruléed this week over his beautiful young girlfriend, Anne-Marie Sterpini. His public brawl with another man, supposedly triggered by threats to his lady's honour, didn't impress me as chivalrous – it looked more like a macho, and violent, over-reaction. A punch-up is to be avoided at all times, and maybe a course of anger management is needed here! Two men sparring over a woman like two cockerels in a barnyard seems a tad old-fashioned. What was the lady doing while the fisticuffs were flying? At 27, pretty Anne-Marie must have learned a few tricks of the mating game. Could she not have defused the situation with a bit of womanly tact and diplomacy?
Surely there's not a female alive who hasn't had to fend off unwanted male attention. My policy has always been to wield the weapon of wit – make him laugh, don't make him feel like a prat, let the pressure down. I haven't waited for my escort to wade in and beat the daylights out of him, and I would have felt like a helpless fool if I had. I think two elements helped trigger Gregg's loss of composure: his own sensitive male ego, further inflated by celebrity, and the fact that Anne-Marie has 20 years' less experience of the world than him. But she needs a boyfriend, not a bouncer – so she'll have to get tough and make sure her man keeps his temper the next time someone shows an interest in her!

NO, says Rebecca Greenow, Reveal celebrity writer

Firstly, I admit I wouldn't expect my man to punch every guy who made slight advances towards me – I'd be the first to try and defuse the situation at the first sign of trouble brewing. But equally, this is about a 20-something young woman who was upset by a 50-something man, who she didn't know from Adam, making inappropriate comments and touching her without her permission. So let me ask you this: if a 50-something touched a young woman as she walked down a secluded street at night, would Gregg Wallace's reaction have been deemed unacceptable then too, just because it wasn't in a fancy hotel?
If my man could see I was visibly upset by persistent unwanted attention from some letch, I'd want him to step in and protect me too, otherwise I'd think he's a bit of a wimp.
I once witnessed a particularly nasty punch-up so, thinking it was the right thing to do, I stepped in to break it up. In turn, I got verbally attacked by one of the thugs…. While my boyfriend at the time skulked behind me, saying nothing. Although I could take care of myself, I was a bit p*ssed off - and turned off – that my 'man' was too scared to defend me.
While violence isn't the answer, I simply don't think one grown man hitting another grown man should be deemed more outrageous than a grown man intimidating a young woman, thinking he has the right to grope her. Surely that's as much, if not more, of an assault…

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