Is your boyfriend making you fat?

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We all know new relationships can mean more takeaways and meals out but now new stats state that two thirds of couples put on weight together. So does gaining a fella mean gaining a dress size?

Is your boyfriend making you fat?

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Yes, says Reveal's deputy web editor, Natasha Rigler, 30:

Natasha Rigler, Deputy Web Editor, Reveal

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OK, so first up I need to set the record straight that my boyfriend – well, my hubby to be precise – is not making me fat. My ex-boyfriend, however, turned me into a right old beefcake.

When we started dating he had a good job and money to burn. But rather than splash out on jewellery and flowers, he bought me junk food. Three times a week. Err, thanks! On one Bank Holiday weekend, we ate a different takeaway on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I swear I could smell Big Mac when I went for a sauna on the Tuesday. Blurgh.

This went on for a while and, quite naturally, I piled on the pounds. I also began receiving an array of Christmas cards from various local takeaways each December (no word of a lie, I found them all stuffed behind a wardrobe when clearing out my bedroom at my 'rents). But while my waistline increased, he stayed a skinny rake. Obvs.

My saviour came in the form of my now-husband, who I began dating six years ago. A marathon runner and health freak, his idea of a yummy snack is a bag of green beans.

It literally took him several years to wean me off burgers and pizza and I'm now TWO STONE lighter. It's certainly not a case of him wanting me to be thinner, as he started dating me when I was a junk food queen, but he just eats healthily and I follow suit.

Secretly, I still have Domino's on speed dial, but now it's just for emergencies!

Hannah Doyle, wedding blog

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No, says Reveal's senior celebrity writer, Hannah Doyle, 29:

Oh hello, depressing survey which consigns all women in a relationship to the world of being happy but heavy.

Apparently, having a boyfriend is now the single biggest cause of weight gain. Which is odd, because I thought that was down to eating too many burgers. Better go and dump my boyfriend ASAP!

In my experience, having a boyfriend has never been the trigger for putting on weight. Moving out of home and living on sausage sarnies for three years at university, yes. Falling in love, no.

In the two years since my boyfriend and I moved in together, I've actually lost a few pounds. My life was pretty sedentary until I started joining him on his weekly runs around our local park. At first, I stumbled once around the block before collapsing in a heap but, thanks to his encouragement, I completed a 5k Race For Life six months after we started running together.

Two years on, I'm fitter than I've ever been and I'm so grateful for his support. (Well, now I am – I suffered from a terrible bout of runner's rage at first and would regularly swear at him as I huffed and puffed around the field.)

But it's not like we're a pair of gym bunnies who do nothing but argue over protein shakes. Last weekend, we polished off two family-size bags of Kettle Chips and a bag of popcorn in one sitting (after a massive dinner).

I think it boils down to whether you become complacent in a relationship or not. My boyfriend wouldn't give two hoots if I put on weight, but I would, so I make sure I balance out our boozy, foodie weekends by paying attention to healthy eating during the week.

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