WATCH: Beauty blogger uses WASABI to plump up her lips - and it looks like it works!

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From shaving faces to using kitchen utensils to contour with, we thought we'd seen it all in terms of unconventional beauty hacks this year - but then along came Insta-famous blogger Farah Dhukai who revealed she uses wasabi - yep, WASABI - to plump up her lips.

...and the results are pretty amazing!

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Most of our favourite celebrities opt for lip-enhancing glosses or even the odd filler sesh to make their lips appear fuller, but over the weekend, Farah drew our attention to another, much more natural way, as she filmed herself slathering her smackers in wasabi.

You know, the hotter-than-hot green stuff you get with your sushi lunch!

In the quick clip, Farah - who boasts a cool 4million followers - dresses her lips in the green paste, then uses her finger to rub it in before waiting just one minute (no longer or you'll feel the burn) for it to work its plumping magic.

When she uses a tissue to wipe off the wasabi, not only do her lips appear more pumped up, but they also assume a gorgeous, rosebud pink tinge - and that's sans lipstick!

Gah, think of all the money you'd save?

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Stunning Farah captioned her video - which has racked up thousands of likes already - "Natural lip fillers! Get natural, plump lips without needles or sucking on cups or objects. As you may have noticed, I have VERY wrinkly lips and its cold AF in Toronto so now theyre super dry too."

She went on to write, "This one trick is a great way to get plump lips that look like youve had fillers - theyll be extremely soft, wrinkles will be filled in, theyll have a natural pink colour, and theyll be so plump [people] will think youve had them done."

C-razy, but the proof is in the pudding. Or, er, the wasabi. What a fab difference, right?

Of course, it wasn't long before the comments came flooding in, and many of Farah's Insta-fans mentioned they had already given the trick a whirl. So did it work for them?

"I had to take the wasabi off after a few seconds because I couldn't breathe! Wasabi that I have is so spicy that I felt it in my nose," wrote one, while another said, "Did this today and it totally works! Cool!"

Even though we're totally mesmerised by Farah's results, we haven't tried the DIY beauty hack ourselves - but if you do and it feels in any way uncomfortable, wipe off the wasabi immediately and don't forget to splash your lips with cool water. No-one wants an allergic reaction before a big night out - better safe than sorry, eh?!

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