Ex On The Beach star Charlotte Dawson doesn't flinch once as she films botox procedure

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Ex On The Beach star Charlotte Dawson has proven herself to be a total trooper in a clip uploaded to Instagram in which she doesn't flinch once while going under the needle during a botox session.

WARNING: This'll make you squirm!

In the clip uploaded to her Instagram on Wednesday afternoon, (16 November) the reality beauty sits in the surgeon's chair, all ready for a skin smoothing sesh (can you even see any lines? NOPE, not us!) - but what follows is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat!

Showing us all just how brave she is, Northern lass Charlotte doesn't flinch once while a cosmetic surgeon at DB Aesthetics takes a pretty ha-uge needle to her forehead and the tops of her cheekbones.

But what has shocked Charlotte's fans and followers (us included) the most, is that she doesn't wince or move at all. Instead, she stays perfectly stony faced as she stares into the camera lens with her fluffy false lashes still intact.


Ex On The Beach star Charlotte Dawson shows off her new red hair on Instagram, 14 November 2016

© Instagram / @charlottedawsy

Of course, it wasn't long before Charlotte's Insta-followers flooded her video with comments, and while many were a little freaked out, the rest saluted her bravery and admired her honesty.

"AH oh my god, how can you?!" wrote one, while another commented, "Always so beautiful babe!"

That said, Charlotte isn't the only member of Celebville to film herself being poked and prodded with needles in the name of beauty...

Love Island star Sophie Gradon recently shared a video of herself undergoing a non-surgical nose job (gasp!) and Jessica Hayes also showed us all how she plumps up her pout using Juvederm.

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