Gemma Collins makes a MAJOR beauty faux-pas with this crazy-dark tan!

Published Saturday, Oct 22 2016, 23:05 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Gemma Collins confessed to a little over-zealous tanning this week when she took to Instagram to reveal a very dark-looking complexion!

"The tan is real... one month sunning myself... too much ain't it, what am I gonna do?" she asked her fans on Saturday (22 October).

Gemma Collins reveals her too-dark tan, after sunning herself for a month, 22 October 2016

© Instagram / @gemmacollins1

Sorry Gemma, we love you, but NO to this too-dark tan! 22 October 2016

As you know, we love Gemma here at Reveal HQ, but anyone who scorches their skin in the sun (or worse still, on... gulp... a sunbed) gets a serious ticking off by the girls in our beauty department.

Sure, most of us have been caught out in the sun once in a while and don't get us wrong, we love a subtle, sunkissed glow (with the emphasis on SUBTLE) as much as the next person, but frazzled, too-tanned skin? Sorry, Gem but please stop this madness!

Premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, worse still skin cancer, it's just not worth it.

Gemma even had to get the pros in to tone down her too-tanned skin, paying an emergency visit to Chloe Sims' Chloe's Beauty Bar for some camouflage make-up before filming TOWIE later that day!

Gemma Collins turns to Chloe's Beauty Bar to help tone down her too-dark tan, after sunning herself for a month, 22 October 2016

© Instagram / @gemmacollins1

Gemma turned to Chloe's Beauty Bar to tone down her tan and snapped a selfie with hairdresser Joel Maguire post-makeover, 22 October 2016

We have to admit, great job with the emergency make-up, guys.

But please, please, please, Gemma, stick with the fake tan from now on, yes? Fake Bake? Lauren's Way? Bondi Sands? Anything but this.

Thanks babes.

ps: Is that a new haircut we spy in Gemma's second selfie? Looks like a bob to us, no? Just wondering...

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