Love Island star Zara Holland ditches blonde hair for brunette, Instagram goes wild!

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Love Island star Zara Holland has taken her signature blonde hair a very sultry shade of brown - and Instagram can't get enough of her new look!

The reality beauty is Insta-famous for her bleached blonde barnet but she decided to go darker in time for the autumn months.

Nope, we're not talking a few highlights here and there or a Khloe Kardashian-inspired ombre root, but brunette - like, ALL over! What a difference, eh?

Love Island star Zara Holland dyes her blonde hair brown and shows off the results on Instagram, 14 October 2016

© Instagram / @zaraholland

Proving that she's absolutely in love with her new vibe, courtesy of celeb-approved hairdresser Alistair Cook, Zara took to Instagram to give her thousands of fans and followers a glimpse.

The verdict? Totally obsessed!

"Stunning as always, Zara!" wrote one Insta-user underneath her gorgeous selfie, while another commented, "Looks fab doll! Love it!"

One even wrote, "You've inspired me to take the plunge. I'm going brunette!"

Zara captioned her helfie (hair selfie - you should really know this by now, guys): "Brunette Club Change is a good thing... Happy Friday! Thank you @alistaircook for my hair, I wouldn't go anywhere else.. His the best! #hair #brunette #change #selfie (sic)."

That said, Zara isn't the only celeb to hit the bottle of hair dye as co-star Malin Andersson has just jumped on the berry bandwagon and Jessica Hayes recently swapped her Little Mermaid-inspired red hair for jet black.

Everyone's at it, right?

A photo posted by Zara Holland (@zaraholland) on

Recently, Zara took the opportunity to hit back at the body shamers, as she revealed that her curvaceous figure sometimes garners negative comments on social media.

Lots of women would kill for an hourglass figure like Zara's (that waist, though!) but the former Miss Great Britain revealed that she often feels scrutinised.

Talking to Reveal, Zara said, "I compare myself to what I looked like before I went into Love Island and what I do now and there is a huge difference, it's hard. But at the same time, I want to embrace it - being a real woman. I just say ignore [the people who post nasty comments] block and delete and get on with your day."

She finished, "So what?! I'll breathe in a bit. I'll buy a pair of Spanx if it comes to it. Jesus."

Tell 'em straight, Zar!

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