Love Island's Zara Holland on her curves: "I want to embrace being a real woman and I'll buy Spanx if it comes to it!"

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Love Island star Zara Holland is as famous for her stunning body as she is her enviable blonde locks - but like all twenty-somethings, she has her hangups!

Lots of women would kill for an hourglass figure like Zara's (that waist, though!) but the former Miss Great Britain revealed that she often feels scrutinised, especially after having received a string of negative comments on Instagram.

Zara Holland, Love Island, shows off her much blonder hairstyle on Instagram, 28th June 2016

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Talking to at the HangDr. launch party at Archer Street Cocktail Lounge on Tuesday evening (20 September), Zara got real honest about her bod.

"I'm so busy at the moment I'm finding it hard to fit the gym in and eat healthily," she admitted.

"I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world," she said, "and I eat so much chocolate, and cocktails are a nightmare!"

We know how you feel, Zara!

Even though she is happy with the way she looks, Zara mentioned that she has spotted a bit of a difference in her shape over the past few months. She also gave us a word of advice on how to deal with the bodyshamers!

"Don't get me wrong, I do want to tone up," Zara said.

"I compare myself to what I looked like before I went into Love Island and what I do now and there is a huge difference, it's hard. But at the same time, I want to embrace it - being a real woman. I just say ignore [the people who post nasty comments] block and delete and get on with your day."

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The stunner - who recently took her platinum locks a super-sultry honey hue - went on to talk about the pressures women face to look perfect at all times - but she mentioned that she won't ever let it get to her!

"There is a lot of a pressure to look great," Zara said, "but at the same time, I am just a normal 21-year-old girl who is super happy!"

Zara continued, "So what?! I'll breathe in a bit. I'll buy a pair of Spanx if it comes to it. Jesus."

And that, Zara, is why we absolutely adore you!

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