Vogue Williams hits back at body shamers: "Nobody has the right to body shame, be careful with your words."

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Model Vogue Williams has hit back after a handful of Instagram users made nasty comments about her weight earlier this week.

On Thursday (15 September), stunning Vogue - the face of Lipsy's sportswear collection - took to the picture sharing app to blast a string of "ridiculous" comments she had noticed underneath a picture of herself in a super-slinky dress - and she really told those people where to go!

Vogue Williams posts poolside picture to Instagram to hit back at body shamers, 15 September 2016

© Instagram / @voguewilliams

Vogue posted a b-e-a-utiful snap in which she donned a little black bikini by a glistening pool, but it was her candid caption that hit us first.

"This one is for everyone who made ridiculous comments about my weight yesterday," Vogue wrote. "Regardless of if I'm a size 6 or 26 it's nobody's business and nobody has the right to body shame me or anyone else."

The stunner went on to say, "I'm 5'11 a size 8/10, 64kgs and 17% body fat, that's my healthy weight and I'm not changing it for anyone. It's no wonder so many people suffer with body image issues."

Encouraging people to think before they speak, Vogue finished, "Be careful with your words because next time you may get someone that is not as strong as me. Better still if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all."

Of course, it wasn't long before Vogue's post grabbed the attention of her followers and many were just as shocked by the negative comments as she was.

"You are an amazingly beautiful and sexy lady, who has a body that clearly others are envious of, you have worked hard as everyone can see to get the body you want, some right idiots out there. Much love foxy lady," wrote one.

Another said, "Well said! People need to learn that they need to learn to be happy with what they see in the mirror, and make positive changes themselves. Putting people down won't change that reflection!"

Hear, hear guys!

Vogue isn't the only resident of Celebville to have her say on body shaming recently, though. Just this week, Love Island's Kady McDermott was forced to deny pregnancy rumours after a handful of followers pointed out her bloated stomach - c'mon, who isn't partial to a bit of bloating?

Kady's co-star Zara Holland also hit back at people commenting on her bikini body. Talking to Reveal at the GAP Jeans for Genes event in London recently, she said, "Yes, I've put on a little bit of weight, but who hasn't this summer? I've been on holiday!"

That's it girls. You tell everyone!

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