Kelly Osbourne reveals nasty looking sunburn – pass the SPF, like NOW!

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Kelly Osbourne clearly hasn't learned from her last sunburn experience in 2013, because this weekend she unveiled yet another scorched skin snap on Instagram.

Do we hear a group 'OUCH'? Thought so.

Kelly Osbourne reveals angry sunburn fail, 5 September 2016

© Instagram / @kellyosbourne

It makes our eyes water, just looking at the pic of Kelly's latest sunburn fail, 5 September 2016

Porcelain-skinned Kelly revealed her latest beauty boo-boo on Sunday (5 September) when she took to Instagram after a short stint in the sunshine...

"The sun hates me & I F****** hate the sun," she shouted.

"This [is] what happened after only 10 mins & I was sat in the bloody shade."

Oh dear, Kelly. That looks extremely nasty – and all that from just 10 minutes in the shade? That is some sun-sensitive skin you've got.

Kelly, who's the daughter of rockstar Ozzy Osbourne, and X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne had a similar sunburn fail a couple of years ago when the LA sun hit her hard (below).

Kelly Osbourne shows off her sunburnt skin and strap marks on Twitter, 16th April

© Twitter

It's not the first time Kelly's been caught out in the sun, having been plagued with sunburn two years ago, 18 Aprl 2013

Kelly was seemingly ill-prepared that time, but this weekend she was clearly trying to be sun-safe in the shade, yet she STILL got completely burned. Now that is some cruel joke played by Mother Nature.

It's a valuable lesson to us all, however, in the importance of wearing a broad-spectrum, high factor SPF all day, every day. Interesting fact: around 80 percent of the sun's rays go right through the clouds, so even if you can't see the sun... it can still see you.

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And when it doubt? Play it super-safe and stay inside!

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