Big Brother's Lateysha Grace reveals plans to have more reconstructive surgery

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Big Brother's Lateysha Grace has taken to Instagram to announce her plans to undergo more reconstructive surgery despite a scary experience with injectable fillers.

...and her fans and followers are a little worried, too. Eek!

The reality star - who also appeared on The Valleys - is famous for her Kim Kardashian-esque curves (hello, teeny tiny waist!) but she revealed that she isn't entirely happy with her figure and lifted the lid on her plans to alter her shape once again.

Lateysha Grace dyes her hair pink and shares the results on Snapchat and Instagram, 24th July 2016

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In a clip posted to the social media app, Lateysha danced around and treated her fans and followers to a 360 degree view of her jaw-dropping bod. She captioned the short video,

"Getting my body re constructed at @elitecosmeticsurgery this girl has had her body done once!"

Alluding to her terrifying experiences with surgical procedures in the past, Lateysha continued, "I've had bad luck with surgeons that I've gone with in the past but I feel confident that this is going to be the last time I need to be on the operating theatre."

"Wish me luck," the star signed off.

Of course, it wasn't long before her fans and followers took to the comments section to have their say and a handful were sceptical and even worried for Teysh.

"You look fabulous anyway, you don't need this!" said one, while another wrote, "Wish I had your bod! Please be safe."

That said, a number jumped to Lateysha's defence and mentioned that, ultimately, it's her decision.

"If it makes her feel happy, what's the big deal?" wrote one.

Earlier this year, Lateysha got real honest about her failed attempt at going under the needle to pump up her already curvaceous behind.

Talking to Reveal back in 2014, Teysh recalled how she and a friend trusted a woman to inject their bottoms with filler, despite not knowing whether she was a qualified doctor or not.

"The pain was another level. The needles were huge and she was just stabbing it in," Lateysha told us.

"I could literally feel the stuff being injected in. It felt like it was ripping or stretching my skin, it was terrifying."

Lateysha's procedure took around an hour and then her wounds were glued together (ouch!) with toilet roll placed over to 'seal it'.

Discussing her horrifying experience, Lateysha recalls: "You don't have to glue your own wounds with normal injections, do you?"

Er, nope! Here's hoping this procedure goes to plan. And breathe...

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