Kim Kardashian rocks sleek ponytail at friend's wedding: get her look

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Kim Kardashian worked yet another wow-factor hairdo this weekend.

And this time around, the 35-year-old reality star was NOT trying to pull the wool over our eyes with a 'wig pretending to be a haircut' (not that we're STILL bitter about being fooled last week), of course...

Kim Kardashian wears velvet ribbon in her hair, sleek ponytail by Chris Appleton, 13 August 2016

© Instagram / @chrisappleton1

Kim's hairdresser vamped up her sleek ponytail by wrapping black ribbon around it, nice, 13 August 2016

Kim flaunted her latest, fabulous do at a friend's Californian wedding at the weekend, and, as ever, the main behind the creation was top celebrity hairdresser Chris Appleton, who is also Rita Ora's go-to crimper.

"Details on @kimkardashian today," Chris Instagrammed, along with the close-up hair snap, above.

"Vamped up a sleek ponytail with velvet ribbon," he added.

Gorgeous – and pretty clever, too...

Kim chose a stunning vintage, velvet Donna Karan dress for the outdoor wedding on Saturday (13 August), so it seemed only fitting to wrap velvet ribbon around her slick ponytail, right?

The devil is in the detail and all that.

Kim Kardashian at wedding, wears velvet ribbon in her hair, sleek ponytail by Chris Appleton, 13 August 2016

© Instagram / @chrisappleton1

Kim wore her sleek ponytail to a friend's wedding, 13 August 2016

Here's how to copy her look:

1. First, blow-dry your hair super-straight, using a round bristle brush and pointing the concentrator nozzle on your hairdryer DOWN the hair as you dry it. This helps close the cuticles for extra shine.

2. When dry, part your hair in the middle and comb it back into a low, sleek ponytail, fixing with a covered band.

3. Next, tie another band at the ends of your ponytail (this'll help grip the ribbon), then grab a long length of ribbon – velvet if you really want to go all out KK – and wrap it all the way up to the base of your pony.

4. Tie underneath the ponytail and leave the ends free, then spritz your do with hairspray for shine, hold and to tame any flyaways.

Done. Deal.

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