Kim Kardashian shows off her much shorter, blunt-cut hair on Snapchat

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Kim Kardashian has taken to Snapchat to unveil her much shorter, blunt-cut hairstyle and we're currently having to deal with a major case of mane envy...

Lately, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been wearing her hair in a messy topknot in a bit to give it a break from the extensions, hair products and heated tools and it looks like it has seriously paid off.

Have you ever seen such healthy, glossy lengths? She could star in a shampoo ad, right?

Rivalling sister Kylie Jenner in the hair-stakes, Kim posted a series of Snapchats to her story over the weekend as she showed off her cropped lengths and she sent social media into a beauty-based meltdown.

Taking to the @Kimksnapchats Instagram page which saves all of Kimmy's snaps, her fans and followers had their say, and there wasn't one person who didn't rate her new shoulder-length look.

"This hair is absolutely everything! Got a 90s, Victoria Beckham feel about it and SO shiny," wrote one, while another said, "Wondering how many women are about to have a haircut like this the upcoming week! Kim wears extensions, next week she'll have long hair again."

Kim may go back to the lengthy extensions but the one look style she won't be trying out again? Platinum blonde!

Taking to Twitter on Sunday (17 July), a fan who was watching old episodes of the reality show reminisced over the mum-of-one's platinum tresses and hoped that she'd switch things up again soon, but Kim was quick to say that she probably wouldn't go back there!

In reply to the fan, Kim wrote, "Makes me want to go back blonde but I'm scared it will ruin my hair :-(," which prompted a whole 'loada responses from disappointed followers.

"It will for sure damage your hair a lot. It's beautiful on you but not worth it," wrote one fan, while another suggested she should make like newly blonde Michelle Keegan and opt for Olaplex.

But it seems Kim is absolutely loving her new look, and since last nice, she has posted a total of 24 Snaps drawing attention to her new 'do.

We'll see you at the salon!

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