Has Rochelle Humes just revealed the secret to her beachy, wavy hair?

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Rochelle Humes may well have unveiled the secret to her beachy waves this week when she took to Instagram with this genius quote (below)...

But do we really believe her!?

Is this the secret to Rochelle Humes' gorgeous wavy, beachy hair? 25 May 2016

© Instagram / @rochellehumes

Is this the secret to Rochelle's sexy, beachy waves? 25 May 2016

Captioning this #qotd with the words: "I'll be honest...," Rochelle posted her cheeky snap on Wednesday (25 May) while the whole of the female population nodded in unison as her words rang true for so many of their own hair routines.

Rochelle's often-tousled hair is up there with Chrissy Teigen, Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton's sexy, dishevelled waves, and while we can emulate their looks with deft tonging or overnight plaits, it seems we've been missing a trick and actually need to get involved in some deft dry shampoo action!

While we're pretty sure Rochelle doesn't dry shampoo her locks every day (it looks far too clean and glossy for those kind of shenanigans), this Insta post obviously hit home for the Xtra Factor host.

And being a busy TV presenter, wife, mum and singer, we don't blame her!

Rochelle Humes, gorgeous wavy, beachy hair, 31 March 2016

© Instagram / @rochellehumes

If dry shampoo gets you hair like this we'll have a truck-load please! 31 March 2016

Dry shampoo has many benefits – other than its obvious oil-absorbing powers:

1. It saves buckets of time in the morning when you really can't be bothered to shampoo, condition AND blow-dry your hair.

2. It also reduces the amount of time you spend curling or straightening your hair with super-hot appliances. Because we all know damaging they can be...

3. It means you don't wet shampoo as often, which makes your colour last longer. Fact.

4. Dry shampoo also adds texture, waves and loads more volume to your locks – ask any hairdresser worth his or her weight in ghds and we bet they'll confess to using it all the time as a styling product on fine hair.

Convinced you need some in your lives? Then check out some of our faves for different hair types below.

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