Kim Kardashian explains why her dad sent her to make-up school at 14 and reveals that she'd like North to go, too

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Kim Kardashian has revealed that she wants to send daughter North West to make-up school because she just can't get enough of playing around with beauty products.

Er, fancy shelling out for us, too, Kim?!

Kim Kardashian and North West leaving ballet classes in Los Angeles, 28th May 2016


Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim was just fourteen when late father Robert Kardashian sent her to the Joe Blasco Make-up Centre to learn the ins and out of make-up application, but she revealed that she would do the exact same for little North.

Speaking during the Vogue 100 Fashion, Friendship and Fabulous Lashes Q&A in London over the weekend, Kim lifted the lid on why her dad believed that make-up lessons were essential.

"I always loved playing in my mum's make-up and I remember she had this Lucite make-up case and I was only tall enough to reach the bottom drawer but in there, there was every shade of Chanel Lipstick and I'm sure it was very expensive but I would just ruin it and put it everywhere," Kim began.

The reality star continued, "When I was fourteen, my dad saw that [my sisters and I] were starting to wear make-up and he really wanted us to look appropriate and also age appropriate so he sent us to make-up school."

Kim then mentioned that the make-up classes had a huge influence on her growing up.

"We went to Joe Blasco and I still love the foundation and wear that sometimes. They video taped it, so if only I could find that tape! It was of me and Kourtney sitting there getting our make-up done. They would explain every step from contouring to powdering to concealer. We'd watch it over and over at fourteen and try to do liner and I've just been fascinated with make-up ever since."

North has also proven herself to be a dab hand with a contouring palette and Kim recently took to Instagram to share a snap of the toddler rummaging around in her make-up bag - but she doesn't think she is too young.

"My daughter loves make-up," Kim said, "but she does a lot of play make-up. Fourteen is when I went to make-up school and I feel I would do the same for her."

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