Kim Kardashian on giving up contouring: "I feel like non-touring is the way."

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Kim Kardashian is synonymous with contouring and dramatic, Bambi-like lashes but she has revealed that she is slowly omitting some crucial steps from her beautifying regime in a bid to strip her look right back this summer.

We know - GASP!

Kim Kardashian wears blue eyeshadow in Instagram selfie, 21st October 2015

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Kim made her debut at the Vogue 100 Fashion, Friendships and Fabulous Lashes event alongside make-up artist BFF Charlotte Tilbury in London over the weekend and the pair talked all things make-up - but Kim mentioned that she would absolutely love to start paring things down.

When quizzed by a fan on whether going bare-faced for her Vogue Australia shoot made her feel vulnerable, Kim said, "No I loved it. I was saying that I wanted to start wearing less make-up and this summer I want to look like that more, even though right now I've kind of chickened out!"

Kim Kardashian throwback photo from Mario Dedivanovic's Instagram

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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star continued, "I am slowly trying. The no lashes thing is a big deal for me. I just don't like piling them on and looking at old pictures of me, I want to die! I feel like I've done the really super heavy look. I love make-up so I always believe in it but sometimes only go out in the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow. There always has to be a little highlighter or something, whether it's only a bit of concealer."

At the Webby Awards last week, Kim caused a stir as she stepped out without the falsies, extensions, lipstick or her trusty Spanx so it's obvious Kim is trying to downsize her beauty arsenal, but which products have actually made the cut?

"I used to have this huge make-up bag I would travel with and now I only travel with a small one and I'm really content with that," Kim said.

The stunner went on to say, "It's all about evolving and trying new things. What's in that make-up bag? An eyelash curler, a little mini Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Kim K W [out June] - it's the perfect nude - my Joe Blasco foundation, a little mascara, a little Kabuki brush from M.A.C, this gold eye pencil from Kardashian Beauty, a little pot of powder and my Smashbox bronzer and blush with no shimmer. If I lose this bag it's over!"

But here's what we all want to know. Will she ever stop contouring?

"I love contouring and I love contouring my nose," Kim told the crowd. "I know everyone thinks I've had a nosejob but I really havent, it's all contour! I think I'll always contour my nose a little bit but I'm really into strobing at the moment a little bit of highlighting."

Kim Kardashian shares make-up selfie on Instagram 17th September 2015

© Instagram / @kimkardashian

The star then went on to give us a lesson in stripping it back using only a little highlighter, "Strobing is the opposite to contouring," she said.

"The concept is to not do any of the contour and to just do highlighting. It's a lighter look that you do in the same places but maybe just closer to give the effect of contouring but without using the bronzer. It's a really good every day look. I feel like non-touring is the way. Contouring is just a bit heavy and I'm loving the change too."

And there you have it - non-touring, zero false lashes and a dot of nude lippie is the way forward. You heart it here first!

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