Kylie Jenner breaks another beauty rule as she shows off her extra-long nails

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Kylie Jenner has broken her one beauty rule and started sporting super-long acrylic nail extensions after hinting that she wouldn't go back there.

Once a beauty obsessive, always a beauty obsessive!

Back in February, The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star told Popsugar US that natural nails were the only way to go as she and BFF Jordyn Woods (who often makes a cameo appearance in her Snapchat stories) suddenly found falsies super "scary."

Talking about her decision to give the nail drills the elbow, Kylie said, "I just realised that long nails are so scary, and then I just cut them off. They just really freaked me and Jordyn out."

She continued, "We were just looking at them one day, and they were so long. [We were, like] 'This is so weird. Why do people do this? Why do people, like, add to their nails?'"

But it seems that Kylie has managed to get over her fear of dangerous looking talons and she was back in the salon chair over the weekend. What did she go for, you ask? The edgy coffin-shaped nails she put on the map, of course!

Kylie took to Snapchat (where else, eh?) to unveil her new lengthy digits which she had painted herself.

The starlet opted for the gorgeous V.I.Peach shade from her 8-strong nail polish collection with Sinful Colours and even though the exact same hue isn't available in the UK yet (watch this space!), Komando £3, is just as fierce, but with a little shimmer flecked throughout.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner shows off her latest Lip Kit matte shade on Instagram, 9th May 2016

© Instagram / @kyliecosmetics

Even though her nails look AH-MAZING, Kylie's fans and followers were a little confused as to why she'd go back to the acrylics after branding them freaky...

Underneath an Insta-pic of her nails posted by Kylizzlesnapchats, one fan wrote, "What? I thought she said long nails were ugly." while another answered, "I think she got them to make her feel better about her break-up with Tyga. Break-up nails are a thing!"

This isn't the only beauty rule KJ has dismissed lately, though. Last year, she said she would lay off the hair dye in a bid to give her damaged tresses a break, but she has rocked blonde, peach and navy tresses since then.

Anyone else finding it hard to Keep Up?!

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