MIC's Lucy Watson responds to followers who are sceptical of her 'no make-up' selfie

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Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson has come under fire from some of her Instagram followers who are sceptical of her 'no make-up' selfie.

Earlier today the reality star treated her fans and followers to a very pout-y selfie and there's no denying she looks flawless - but her caption seemed to rub people up the wrong way.

The beautiful brunette captioned the snap which has racked up a huge 17.1K likes and counting: "Chilling with no make up on (except lipstick) lashes and brows by @sumanbrows."

Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson's no make-up selfie comes under fire from fans who believe she is wearing make-up, 13th May 2016

© Instagram / @imlucywatson

The 'no make-up' selfie in question

Lucy didn't need to tell us that she had given her smackers a quick swipe of lippie - it's pretty obvious anyway - but fans were a little annoyed at the fact that she claimed she wasn't wearing any make-up, before revealing that she had had her eyelashes and eyebrows tended to that day.

Judging by Lucy's picture, she has had a lash tint and a lash lift and it's evident that she stunner has opted for semi-permanent brows a la the rest of the Celebville. All pretty normal, right?

That said, Lucy seemed to rile a few people who said her picture's caption "made no sense at all."

One of Lucy's followers wrote, "I love Lucy but her caption is such a lie check that mascara," and another said, "Not convinced. It's not that hard to put mascara on and tell all your followers you're "Au natural""

Some followers leapt to Lucy's defence and called the negative comments out as "jealousy driven" before Lucy even responded herself!

"Why are some people getting soo mad over a selfie/caption? It's hilarious!! There's so many eyelash treatments out there other than just using mascara loool. All the negative comments are just pure jealousy. Your right, your not wearing MAKEUP other than lipstick. No lies there. You look fab, end of," wrote one MIC fan, while another said,

"All this drama over some brows and lashes.. Clearly you can compare her other photos and see there is a difference in her make-up. Don't be jell just because she is just simply awesome. @imlucywatson haters gotta hate!!"

Lucy cleared things up and told fans who believed she was wearing make-up, "Nope got lashes dyed and curled plus eyebrows shaped etc you should try it makes all the difference."

Oo-er! You heard.

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