Four Minutes to Fabulous: The quick contour tricks anyone can do!

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So you want to contour like the stars… but you're scared of taking the plunge? Fear not - we've uncovered the best (and speediest) hacks around.

It's cheating cheekbones… made easy!

Make-up artist Francesca Neill in a selfie in April 2016

© Instagram/@francescaneill

Francesca Neill is a fan of contouring

Collection Contour Kit

Collection Contour Kit

1. Pick matte taupe colours for sculpting

Contouring's all about giving the illusion of shadows so that shimmering orange bronzer in your kit? Put. It. Down. Collection and Celebrity Make-up Artist Francesca Neill says you need matte, cool (almost grey) tones to sculpt with.

We love Collection Contour Kit, £4.19, that boasts a gorge highlighting powder and taupe contour colour, and blends like a dream.

Kim Kardashian shows off her contouring make-up tricks in a selfie with Joyce Bonelli - 29 March 2014

© Instagram / @kimkardashian

Kim and her make-up artist Joyce show off her contour pre-blending

2. Don't just copy the celeb squad

Yep, you read that right. While there are A LOT of tips we can steal from the Kardashian contouring bible, everyone's face shape is unique. Just because Kim contours her nose, it doesn't mean it will suit you too.

Consider your natural features. If you already have a narrow nose, contouring will only elongate it more. Square face? Skip the jaw chiseling.

3. Build it up sloooooooowly

Once you've mastered the art of contouring, you'll be able to swoosh it on faster than you can say 'Gimme Kimmy cheekbones.' But ease yourself in.

Keep stepping back from the mirror and look at your make-up in different lights. It's easy to make things a little stronger or darker but trying to fix an overload? Hello stressy mess.

Collection Deluxe Lip Lacquers

Collection Deluxe Lip Lacquers

4. Perfect your pout too

You can 'sculpt' your lips as well, don'tcha know? Just remember this three-step-plan: highlight your Cupid's bow, pop the dark contour underneath your bottom lip, then apply lippie - the smart way.

Choose a darker shade for the edges of your pout followed by a lighter tone and a gloss in the centre. Try Collection DeLuxe Lipstick in Prohibition (a deep pink), and Baby Doll (a lighter pink), £3.99 each, with Collection DeLuxe Lip Lacquer in Prom Queen, £4.19, (a pink-nude).

Collection Contour Sticks

Collection Contour Sticks

5. Don't rule out cream contour products

Forget all those scary-looking YouTube videos of girls with tar-like stripes on their faces. Yikes.

Used properly, cream contour products look just as natural as powder formulas. And, they stay put for YONKS so they're ideal for after-hours. We love Collection Precision Contouring Sticks, £3.99 each, that come in three natural tones.

Check out the video below to see our beauty writer use them in her speedy tutorial. She's got more A-list tips up her sleeve… plus products under a fiver!

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