Leona Lewis spills her biggest beauty secrets - ever!

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The X Factor's Leona Lewis is back with a bang and fronting KISS Cosmetics' latest lash and nail drop (hurrah!) so it was only a matter of time before we stole her away to chat all things beauty...

Here, stunning Leona talks her must-haves, punching stuff (really) and baking (of the make-up kind, duh!)

The X Factor's Leona Lewis hosts the KISS beauty launch party in London, 10th February 2016

© Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson

Hey Leona! Why did you decide to team up with high-street beauty brand, KISS? Give us the lowdown.

I was approached by the brand because I've used their products before, and I'm just really into my make-up and styling my hair so it felt like a really natural thing to do! I love the products and you can get everything on the high-street – it's so affordable.

From the range – and there's so much of it - which bits are you obsessing over?

I love the oval nails – I have them on now! I'm also loving the imPRESS nails. They come with a tape almost, a sticky tape, and you just stick them onto your nail. The tape is already attached – it's all so, so easy.

If we were to dip inside your make-up bag, what beauty buys would we find?

The M.A.C Global Glow Mineralize Skinfinish, £24 is always at the top of the list. I love a little bit of shimmer. I really like The Body Shop's Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, £13 as well. You'd find lots and lots of KISS eyelashes. I use them more than mascara because I find them easier and much less messy, especially when it comes to taking it off in the evening.

I like a light foundation so sometimes I'll get my Caudalie moisturizer and mix in a little bit of The Body Shop's Fresh Nude Foundation, £15 or Elizabeth Arden so that it's light – that's because I get really dry skin.

KISS Natural Lash in Flirty £4.99, 11th February 2016

KISS £4.99

KISS Lashes, natural, £4.99, 11th February 2016

KISS £4.99

I've only been using lip liner recently actually! My make-up artist always has this brown lip liner that she uses on me and it makes your lips beautiful. I get my brows threaded but to fill them in I'll only use a pencil.

Barry M Lip Liner in Chocolate £2.99, 9th February 2016

Barry M Lip Liner in Chocolate £2.99

Are there any other high-street bargain buys you swear by?

The brush on the Max Factor False Lash Effect Velvet Black Effect Mascara, £11.99 is so good because it's really fine. You can grab all of the individual lashes.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Velvet Black £11.99, 30th November 2015

Max Factor False Lash Effect Velvet Black £11.99

Your trusty make-up artist Jane has been by your side since The X Factor. Have you learnt any cool tricks or beauty hacks from her?

I've been trying Baking! I basically get the W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder, £6.49 and I dab it on then leave it for five minutes or however long I can stand it. I put it on with a brush but I think other people do it with a sponge. I don't want to go crazy!

Leona Lewis launches KISS beauty products in the UK, London 10th February 2016

© Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson

Your hair is always sensationally sleek - even in braids. What's your haircare regime like?

I love my braids because I like how it looks but it's also a really protective style. I have curly hair so it protects it from all the blow-drying and tonging and all that! Sometimes it's good to leave the braids in for a couple of weeks and I've seen Kim Kardashian rocking them roo. I really love oils, also.

Unite 7 Seconds Shampoo £19.95, 10th December 2015

Unite 7 Seconds Shampoo £19.95

Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner £25, 10th December 2015

Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner £25

I use Unite shampoo and conditioner which is SO good! It makes your hair really soft. and I've always used the 7 Seconds Condition Spray, £16.90 too.

Unite 7 Seconds Condition spray £16.90 17th June 2015

UNITE 7SECONDS Condition £16.90

Where do you get your fashion & beauty inspiration from?

Magazines sometimes and Instagram definitely! I follow For Love and Lemons and they have some beautiful stuff. I also like Nasty Gal for inspiration. Beauty has gone crazy on Instagram, my usual make-up artist is Jane Bradley.

What's your number one health and fitness tip?

For me, I love doing classes. If I go to the gym you'll just see me walking around and staring at a machine, maybe pressing a button here and there… I'm like, "I've been at the gym! Whether I've done anything, though…" I have to have someone telling me what to do or I just won't do it.

Kiss Nails, oval, 11th February 2016

KISS Acrylic Nude French Nails £7.95

I do spinning and I do Kobox which is new. It's in Chelsea and it's interval training with punching bags. I never knew how much I needed to punch something until I went there!

In terms of food, I'm a vegetarian and I always have been. I associate meat with animals and as I got older I became more conscious about the health side of things. I'd love to eat what I want but I have to watch it sometimes! I've been vegan as well for a while and realised that kale is the best super-food.