Copy Kylie Jenner's pretty pink nails and make them last!

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Kylie Jenner's nails seem to be getting shorter and shorter with every nelfie (nail selfie, of course) she shares to Instagram - meaning they are much easier for us mere mortals to copy - wahoo!

Yesterday evening saw the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star give us a glimpse of this week's look as she shunned the ha-uge 'coffin' nails and edgy matte topcoats in favour of a feminine oval shape and a sugary-sweet pink.

Kylie Jenner shares picture of pink nails on Instagram, 7th January 2016

© Instagram / @kyliejenner

To nab Kylie's look make sure your nails are completely free of polish and use the rough edge of the Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator 4-Way Nail Buffer, £6 to round off any harsh square edges.

Take care not to 'see-saw' (dragging the file back and forth) as this will only cause the nail to splinter - eek!

To make your colour last, buff your nail bed with the smooth side until your talons boast a sheen and dust off any nail debris.

We're currently obsessing over the Soigne Oxygen Basecoat, £18 which lets your nails breathe no matter how often you lacquer them. Apply one layer and wait until touch dry.

Oxygenated Base Coat Soigne £13, 28th July 2015

Oxygen Base Coat, Soigne £13

Thanks to O.P.I and their kitsch collaboration with Hello Kitty, you can pick up a colour match in Look At My Bow! £12.95. For a streak-free finish, paint a stripe of colour down the centre of your nail and then one on either side.

O.P.I  X Hello Kitty Nail Lacquer in Look At My Bow! £12.95

O.P.I X Hello Kitty polish, Look At My Bow! £12.95

If you're looking for something a little less saccharine, O.P.I's hilariously named Not So Bora Bora Ing, £12.95 should do the trick!

O.P.I nail polish in Not So Bora Bora Ing £12.95 7th January 2016

O.P.I nail polish in Not So Bora Bora Ing £12.95

To seal your colour, pop on a slick of topcoat and go over the tips of the nails again, to swerve any chips later on down the line.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Top & Base Coat £5 3rd August 2015

Colour Crush Top & Base Coat £5 The Body Shop

Told you it was easy.

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