MIC's Louise Thompson STILL looks amazing with panda eyes & bed hair!

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Louise Thompson sent a sexy Instagram message to her long-distance boyfriend Alik Alfus this week. And while she clearly committed the ultimate beauty sin by going to bed in her make-up (tut tut), how amazing does the reality star STILL look?


Louise Thompson shows off smudged mascara in bed, 16 November 2015

© Instagram / @thelouisethompson

No-one should look THIS good with morning-after, panda eyes. Pah! 16 November 2015

Louise is currently in the midst of a long-distance relationship with New Yorker Alik, and we've seen many social media posts from them both about how much they're missing each other.

Last month, however, Louise flew over to the Big Apple to spend some quality time with her man and, just to prove how gorgeous and in love they are, the MIC star posted a sickening, sorry, we mean super-sweet bedtime selfie!

But she's now back in the UK and missing Alik more than ever...

"Wish I was in bed with u baby @al_alfus #longdays #longernights #hurryupxmas," Louise Instagrammed on Monday (16 November) – obviously missing her fella so much that she totally threw off her nighttime skincare routine and forgot to take her make-up off before bed.

Naughty. But we've all been there. It's just a shame we don't all look that flippin' gorgeous when we wake up with mascara half way down our faces!

"Even with panda eyes, still the most beautiful thing ever," noted one of her Instagram fans.

We could not agree more.

Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus reunite in New York
26 October

© Instagram / @thelouisethompson

Louise and long-distance boyfriend Alik were briefly reunited in NYC last month, 26 October 2015

We just hope Louise doesn't make a habit of this or her skin will NOT thank her for it in the long-run. Blocked pores... dry skin around the eyes... pimples... not what anyone wants for the festive season, or indeed any time!

Our advice? Always keep a packet of make-up removing wipes next to your bed. That way, no matter how drunk/lazy/exhausted you are, there is no excuse not to make an attempt at cleansing your face and skin.

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