The unusual but totally genius beauty hacks Michelle Keegan SWEARS by!

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Michelle Keegan's make-up is so flawless, you'd be forgiven for thinking it had been applied by angels...

But as we caught up with the outrageously beautiful fashionista in anticipation of her new Lipsy winter collection yesterday afternoon, Michelle revealed that she swears by a whole host of unusual yet totally genius beauty tricks to keep her looking so utterly glamourous.

Favourite, bookmark and screenshot this page because these hacks are insanely clever.

Michelle Keegan uploads picture of bouncy hair on Instagram, 6th October 2015

© Instagram / @michkeegan

There's no doubt Mich has the best brows in Celebville but what if we told you that she prunes and grooms them with HAIRSPRAY instead of a brow gel or pencil? Mmhmm, you better believe it.

"One of the best beauty tips I learnt from my make-up artist is to comb some hairspray through your eyebrows before you go to bed," she says. "That way, they grow in the right direction as you sleep!"

Redken Control Addict Hairspray £12.65, 22nd October 2015

Redken Control Addict Hairspray £12.65

And that's when Michelle's MUA chipped in with this little nugget of info: "I can always tell what side people have slept on because the hair and make-up doesn't sit quite right. I also tell Michelle to make her own lip scrub with sugar and her Carmex lip balm."

Of course, Michelle and her super-soft enviably plump pout nodded in agreement but what about her stunning almond shaped peepers?

"In the day I always cut my eyelashes in half because I like the feline look," Michelle revealed. "I always have half a lash on!"

We're obsessed with the Invogue Glamourise Lashes, £3.49 for a sassy cat-eye effect. Apply some lash glue to the base and then secure onto your lash line starting in the centre, for elongated, Cleopatra-like eyes a la 'Chelle.

Invogue Glamourise Lashes £3.49, 18th September 2015

Invogue Glamourise Lashes £3.49

The star also gave us an insight into what it takes to achieve lush lengths like hers, no extensions, pocket-burning hair treatments or straighteners needed.

"I love Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer" Michelle gushed. "Before I go on holiday I put that in my hair to keep it from drying out. I always use a leave in conditioner spray like the Unite 7 Second Conditioner, £16.90 and Moroccanoil just on the ends."

Unite 7 Seconds Condition spray £16.90 17th June 2015

UNITE 7SECONDS Condition £16.90

Moroccanoil Treatment 100ml £31.85, 22nd October 2015

Moroccanoil Treatment 100ml £31.85

"Never put it in the roots," she advises. "That's a huge greasy mistake but just keep ontop of it. Keep your hair hydrated like your skin."

And there we have it, people. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to locate a can of hairspray.

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