Ashley Tisdale dresses her red hair with star accessories – updo envy!

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Ashley TIsdale kicked other celebrities' updos into touch this week when she dressed her new red hair with gorgeous, gold stars.

We love an A-list hairdo and have seen many gorgeous braids, twists, buns and ponytails on the red carpet this year. But sorry Millie Mack, Rita Ora and Jess Wright, because you have been totally trounced by this, our favourite updo so far...

Ashley Tisdale wears stars in her red hair at Guitar Hero Love party, by Kristen Ess, 20 October 2015

© Instagram / @ashleytisdale

Fave celebrity updo of the year right there, 19 October 2015

Ashley showed off her fabulous starry look at the Guitar Hero Live launch party on Monday night (19 October) in Los Angeles. She attended the event with BFF Vanessa Hudgens with whom she's remained super-close since their High School Musical days back in 2006.

Wearing a gorgeous, long sheer black dress with a white star print all over it, Ashley looked like a total rock star. And then when she revealed the back of her hair on Instagram, we loved her look even more.

"Seeing stars thanks to @kristin_ess," she Instagrammed on Tuesday (20 October).

Kirstin Ess is Ashley's go-to hairdresser and dyed the Clipped actress' hair a deep shade of red a couple of weeks ago.

"We went deep, real deep. Ready for fall," Ashley posted along with a snap of her fiery new look (bottom).

Ashley Tisdale wears stars in her red hair at Guitar Hero Love party, by Kristen Ess, 20 October 2015

© Instagram / @ashleytisdale

Ashley was joined by her best mate Vanessa Hudgens at the Guitar Hero Live event, 19 October 2015

Ashley has showcased her new colour a couple of times on the red carpet since then, but this bobby dazzler is heads and shoulders above the rest.

To copy her look, roughly blow-dry your hair, spritzing with some salt spray for added texture. Then, to add a slight wave, Kristin loves to use her classic ghds, £129,

"It has the perfect beveled edge for creating these particular waves. Mermaid status!" she recently explained in an interview with fashion and beauty website Cupcakes & Cashmere.

Ashley Tisdalel dyes her hair deep red, by Kristen Ess, 7 October 2015

© Instagram / @ashleytisdale

Ashley had her hair dyed deep red a few weeks ago, 7 October 2015

Once you've created a few soft waves, part your hair in the centre, then grab a section from one side, loosely twist it round to the back of your head and pin with Kirby grips.

Repeat on the other side, taking this section over the first and again pinning into place.

Then decorate at your leisure!

Kirstin used individual confetti stars or you could check out your local haberdashery for gold star studs.

We also found them on for just £2 for 100 pieces.

Spritz with a little hairspray for extra hold and you're done. Gold star status – boom!

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