Queen of the contour Amy Childs spills her beauty secrets!

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There's no denying that former TOWIE star Amy Childs is a little bit obsessed with all things beauty...

From launching her own line of dramatic lashes to a range of failsafe tanning products there isn't an area that the reality babe hasn't got covered. That's why we were super excited to learn that she is now launching the Silk'n beauty device on her very own website to banish all of our pruning woes!

Amidst getting the lowdown on Amy's fave product, we also had a snoop through her make-up case so you can look just as glam. You can thank us later...

Amy Childs poses in Silk'n beauty campaign shoot, 1st September 2015

© Silk'n

If we were to look inside your make-up bag, what products would we find?

I love the Delilah Future Resistant Foundation Primer, £34, because my skin gets quite dry and it's really hydrating. I only ever really use M.A.C foundations and I love Bobbi Brown bronzers, especially Golden Light, £28.50.

Delilah Future Resist Foundation Primer £34, 1st September 2015

Delilah Future Resist Foundation Primer £34

M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, £22 29th July 2015

M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation £22

Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Golden Light £28.50 1st September 2015

Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Golden Light £28.50

For contouring I go in between high-end brands like Dior and Chanel. But when it comes to lip glosses I like my Rimmel and my Bourjois. I'm a high-street girl at heart – they're just as good and I love to try it all!

Bourjois Velvet Lipstick in Happy Nude Year £8.99, 1st September 2015

Bourjois Velvet Lipstick in Happy Nude Year £8.99

Rimmel Oh My Gloss in Captivate Me £5.49, 1st September 2015

Rimmel Oh My Gloss in Captivate Me £5.49

My favourite lip liner is Spice by M.A.C, £12.50 - it's a sell-out - and Etcetera. And my favourite M.A.C Lipstick is called Kind Of Sexy, £15.50. It's nude but also very pinky. I love my YSL Mascara and I use my own eyelash range for a dramatic eye make-up look.

M.A.C Lipstick in Kind of Sexy £15.50, 1st September 2015

M.A.C Lipstick in Kind of Sexy £15.50

M.A.C Lipliner in Etcetera, £12.50 8th July 2015

M.A.C Lipliner in Etcetera £12.50

What are your tips on achieving the perfect contour?

With contouring I always go a lot lighter under my eyes. You have to be careful because you really need to blend it in! It's all about your brushes and I use a stippling brush to blend under the eyes and Real Techniques by Sam and Nic Chapman. They're my favourite brushes for contouring and they are literally my saviours. With contouring it's all about you brushes and your blending.

The Real Techniques Core Brush Set £21.99, 1st September 2015

Real Techniques Core Brush Set £21.99

Why did you decide to team up with Silk'n?

I'm a beauty expert and I know what I love. I have people coming up to me every day asking me to be the face of brand but you have to really believe in a product and I believe in this so much.

It's permanent hair removal and I've had about eight sessions and it just doesn't grow back! There are girls that don't have the time to wax and they cant afford to go to the salon on a monthly basis so this is much cheaper in the long run.

It's 5,000 pulses per second and it takes the hair out straight away. I'm a bit obsessed – I've used it all over my legs and my legs are now all done. Now I'm moving on to my armpits and my arms. My mum has also been using it because she's been nicking mine!

Amy Childs for Silk'n Beauty, campaign picture one 1st September 2015

© Silk'n

What are your top tips for taking the perfect selfie?

Aim high. Go to the side and get your hair in! Chin down, done! It's trial and error really.

Your hair must take a lot of upkeep, what are your go-to products for keeping it nourished and for keeping the colour in?

My mum colours my hair every two weeks. We use a Goldwell colour. The red really fades obviously but this has a great conditioning treatment in it. I use Moroccanoil in my hair and masks and treatments. I plait my hair in the night and leave it in – I'm quite good with my hair because the red can be too much and dry it out.

Goldwell Dual Sense Color Extra Rich 60 Sec Treatment £8.25, 1st September 2015

Goldwell Color Extra Rich 60 Sec Treatment £8.25

Goldwell Dual Senses Colour Fade Stop Shampoo £5.49 1st September 2015

Goldwell Dual Senses Colour Fade Shampoo £5.49

Amy Childs poses for Silk'n beauty hair removal campaign pictures 1st September 2015

© Silk'n

You're going on a night out, what are the five beauty products you will pop in your clutch bag?

Always my lippie and lip liner. I've always got a roller in my bag because I like my hair a bit flicky. When I pop to the loo in Sugar Hut I pop the roller in and then just take it out and it's done. I always carry a random sleep roller for a bit of body!

I bring a comb for back combing and a mascara. I top up with a concealer sometimes when my face needs it. I use a brand new brand called Iconic London and her palettes are amazing. It's just as good as M.A.C which I love and the packaging is really chic and they give off a London vibe.

Kent Women's Tail Comb, £4.20 1st July 2015

Kent £4.20

YSL False Lash Mascara £25, 1st September 2015

YSL False Lash Mascara £25

ICONIC LONDON Multi Use Cream Contour Palette £32.99, 1st September 2015

ICONIC LONDON Cream Contour Palette £32.99

What are your top tips for achieving the perfect faux glow?

I don't use sun beds but I have a spray tan once every two weeks. I exfoliate it all off and never just top it up, then I moisturize and I'm all ready for the spray tan! It will come off really natural and not go patchy if you follow those tips.

I also use Body Bling by Scott Barnes, £27. I use it on my cleavage and legs on shoots especially and it's beautiful. I also do that on a night out for a bit of sparkle even though it's a bit pricey. Me and Sam Faiers were talking about that the other day - we love it! It goes everywhere but don't worry because it looks amazing.

Body Bling by Scott Barnes £27, 1st September 2015

Body Bling by Scott Barnes £27

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