Vicky Pattison is fresh-faced, but a tad sun-burnt, in no make-up pic

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Vicky Pattison had us all confused when she posted her latest selfie on Instagram this week...

Do we love the former Geordie Shore star even more than normal, for looking so gorgeously fresh-faced with no make-up on? Or should we actually be giving her a slap on the wrist for staying out for too long in the Mexican sun?

Vicky Pattison no make-up, slight sunburn selfie, Mexico, 1 May 2015

© Instagram / @vicky_gshore

Vicky looks natural and fresh-faced, albeit a tad sun-scorched... 1 May 2015

"Makeup free and a bit sunburnt," Vicky posted on Friday (1 May) after a day sunbathing by the pool during her holiday in Mexico.

We initially looked at the snap and thought how fabulously young Vicky looked without her usual super-glam make-up on.

Wet, tousled hair? Tick. Perfect brows? Tick. Clear, blemish-free skin? Another tick.

But hold on a minute, Vicky? Did you say the dreaded 's' word?

Vicky Pattison pool party selfie, Mexico, 29 April 2015

© Instagram / @vicky_gshore

Vicky's make-up was in perfect form at a pool party two days ago, 29 April 2015

To be fair, we'd never have noticed Vicky's sunburn if she hadn't pointed it out, but it seems she's not the only one of our favourite Geordie lasses who've been letting the side down in the sun this year.

Just last month, we also saw Charlotte Crosby looking very red on her holiday with BFFs Holly Hagan and Sophie Kasaei.

Vicky looks nowhere near as sun-frazzled as Charlotte did, so we're hoping hers is more of a post-pool glow, than totally sun-scorched skin.

But still, there really is a lesson to be learnt here ladies.

Protect, protect and when in doubt, protect some more. And if you feel like your skin is feeling too warm in the sun? It's time to get out of there. Fast.

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