Snooki tries to fool us with a sexy, blonde hair wig – April Fool's!

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Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi tried to convince us she'd gone for a new blonde hair colour today, but we know a wig when we see one.

Plus it was April Fool's Day and we were adamant we weren't going to be played the fool by those pranksters in celebsville!

Snooki reveals her new hair - but we think it's a blonde wig for April Fool's Day, 1 April 2015

© Instagram / @snookinic

Although Snooki looks pretty good as a blonde, we're not fooled! 1 April 2015

There were no end of celebrity gags going on in the media on Wednesday (1 April), including Olympic diver Tom Daley replacing Zayn Malik as the new member of One Direction. Really?

Snooki joined in with the fun when she took to Instagram during a trip to see her favourite hairdressers at Vidov Salon in New York's West Village.

"New season, new me! Spring has SPRUNG!" Snooki posted.

Her friends and go-to hairstylists, Bradley Moreland and Luis Miller also got in on the act, by reposting the same snap.

"Blonde Bombshell!" Luis posted.

Er, we think not.

If you look closely you can still see Snooki's dark hair hiding underneath her blonde wig – plus all three of their faces tell a thousand lies!

Snooki goes to have her hair cut... but then reveals a new blonde look. It's a wig, April Fool's Day!, 1 April 2015

© Instagram / @snookinic

Snooki took a selfie on her way to Vidov Hair Salon earlier that day, 1 April 2015

Snooki could totally pull off a blonde hue, but instead, it looks like the former Jersey Shore star has ditched her extensions (again!) and gone for a long, blunt bob. Or a 'blob' if you will.

Actually forget that, let's stick with a 'lob'!

Earlier in the day, stylist Bradley gave the game away by posting a snap of Snooki having her still-very-dark hair chopped in the salon.

"Using my amazing @sharkfinshears to give our boo @snookinic her fierce haircut!" he posted.

Not a word about going blonde.


Snooki has her hair cut into a lob... but then reveals a new blonde look as a joke. It's a wig, April Fool's Day!, 1 April 2015

© Instagram / @bradleystylenyc

The MTV star actually had her hair cut into what looks like a blunt lob – nice! 1 April 2014

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