Kim Kardashian reveals a hairy beauty secret!

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Kim Kardashian West has unveiled one of her best-kept beauty secrets... and we're not talking tips 'n' tricks!

The star shared the goss as she took on the role of guest beauty editor in this week's issue of US magazine People:

'I have the hairiest forehead you can ever imagine! In high school, I would wax it. If you Google [me in] 2008 or so, I had the craziest, hairiest hairline,' she admits.

Kim Kardashian at Grammy Awards on 8 February 2015

© Adriana M. Barraza/

Kim's unveiled the story behind her changing hairline

Kim even turned to permanent hair removal to banish her forehead fluff for good. 'I decided to laser it off - I didn't change the shape, just got rid of all the baby hairs,' she explains.

Naturally, we just HAD to unearth a snap of Kim's said 'problem.' What do you reckon? Worthy of budget-blowing laser treatment?

Kim Kardashian at T-mobile event in Las Vegas on 17 February 2007

© Judy Eddy / WENN

Kim's forehead was more 'hairy' eight years ago

Hmm, we'll be sticking to our trusty John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Remover, £10.99.

Kim also made a revelation regarding her signature super-glossy mane - 'I love cheap shampoos and conditioners,' she told the mag.

While her fave brand Finess is US-only (sob!), it's made us feel a whole lot better about our supermarket shampoo love affair!

Why is Kim Kardashian famous?

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