How to do negative space nails like Nicole Scherzinger & Kylie Jenner

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From Nicole Scherzinger and Kylie Jenner to supermodels and beauty bloggers, everyone's talking about 'negative space' nail art.

Simple and seriously cool, it refers to a mani design featuring a blank area that shows the natural nail.

From a clear star to a chevron - anything goes!

Nicole Scherzinger attends the premiere of Selma at the Curzon Cinema in Mayfair, London - 27 January 2015

© WENN / Phil Lewis

Nicole Scherzinger has been spotted working the trend

Nicole Scherzinger, negative space red and black nails, 3 September 2014

© Instagram / @nicolescherzy

She opted for contrasting black and red designs

Want in? I caught up with A-list manicurist Andrea Fulerton to discover just how to join the cool clan:

1. We never thought we'd say this, but SKIP base coat! 'It will only cause problems when you pull off your tape (see next step),' explains top nail technician Andrea Fulerton who's beautified Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga.

2. Straight transparent lines are the best choice for beginners and can easily be created using sticky tape. 'Cut a thin strip and place it over the area you want to leave clear,' Andrea says. Fancy stars or hearts? 'Head to a stationery shop - you can pick up hole punchers that make all sorts of shapes. Stamp one into your tape then use the cut-out piece as your template,' she explains.

3. Once your tape is firmly stuck down, paint over with a polish of your choice. 'Thin coats are less likely to leak under the tape,' Andrea advises. When totally dry, slowly peel back your template.

4. Clear top coat will seal everything in place but experiment with different finishes. 'A mix of matte and glossy areas is low-skill but high-impact!' Andrea adds.

Kylie Jenner out and about, Los Angeles, America - 01 Mar 2015

© Rex Features / Startraks Photo

Kylie Jenner kickstarted the trend last year

Kylie Jenner posts a picture of negative space nail art on her Instagram in May 2014

© Instagram/Kylie Jenner

She stuck with a monochrome colour scheme


1. Makeup Revolution Nail Polish in Furious, £1.49
Any colour goes but I find black, white and bold hues look ultra Instagram-worthy.

2. Ciate Perfect Paint Job Corrector Pen, £12
Your tool for creating curved lines like Nicole Scherzinger. Just draw directly on. 'Or try Revlon Concealer Brush, £5.99, dipped in nail varnish remover,' says Andrea.

3. Silver Striping Tape, £1.50
A sticky roll of foil that looks amazing when placed over the area of negative space. Apply when polish is dry then seal with topcoat.

4. Barry M Matte Nail Paint, £2.99
Slick all over or use with your old make-up brush (as before) for smaller sections. Comes in a glossy version too.

5. Lily Allen for Elegant Touch Lily Loves… Littlest Things, £7.99
The trend looks best on super-long nails. 'Try faking it with these falsies,' Andrea suggests.

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