Three cute and easy braided hairstyles - perfect for festivals!

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With V Festival coming up this weekend (16 & 17 August), we've been thinking about some of our favourite hairdos which will withstand both rain and wind, while also keeping our barnets swept back away from our face.

The lucky celebs who manage to nab passes to Virgin Media's Louder Lounge will be taken care of in the hair department by the Mark Hill team, where they'll get to pick from a choice of six gorgeous hairstyles including waterfall braids, fishtail plaits and chic top knots.

If you fancy getting in on the action too, we've come up with three DIY braided hairstyles that will see you from morning right through 'til evening - no matter how much dancing you do to Justin Timberlake.

And they're super-easy to create too, no mirror required!

1. The boho milkmaid braid, as seen on seasoned festival-goer Alexa Chung...

Alexa Chung shows off milkmaid braids on Twitter - 15 November 2013

© Twitter / @alexa_chung

Ditch your usual bun for a cute milkmaid braid - we're a little bit obsessed with Alexa's colourful creation! Here's how to copy it:

1. If you want to add some colour like Alexa, start by brushing vibrant hair chalks (like The Body Shop Hair Chalks, £5 each) through the tips of your tresses. Leave to dry.

(If you do want to use hair chalks, it's best to use them on the last day of your festival as you'll probably want to wash them off in the morning!)

2. Split your hair into two low ponytails on either side of your head, then plait each section separately before securing with invisible hair ties. You can tease the braids slightly to make them a bit thicker.

3. Finally, take one braid and wrap it around the front of your head in the style of a headband, then pin into place with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side and you're done!

2. The whimsical half-up, half-down braided 'do, as seen on TOWIE star Lauren Pope...

TOWIE's Lauren Pope shows off braided half-up, half-down hairstyle - 18 July 2014

© Instagram / @laurenpopey

This is a great style if you'd like to keep your hair away from your face, but still want a bit of length tumbling over your shoulders.

1. First up, spray a bit of sea salt spray through the lengths before scrunching with your fingers for a beachy texture.

2. Part you hair in the centre, then take a section of hair from one side of your parting. Braid this backwards and secure with a bobby pin near the crown of your head.

3. Repeat on the other side, then unpin your first plait and secure both together with a hair tie.

3. The adorable fishtail pigtails, as seen on V Festival performer Rita Ora...

Rita Ora fishtail braids Malta

© Instagram / Rita Ora

Fishtail braids look much more technical than your regular plait, but they're actually not too tricky to create.

1. Split your hair into two low pigtails on either side of your head.

2. Take one pigtail and split it into two parts. Next, grab a thin section of hair from the outer side of one of the parts, and cross it over so it joins with the other section. Repeat this step, but from the opposite side. Continue crossing over small sections of hair from side-to-side until you reach the end of your pigtail. Secure with a thin hairband.

3. Once you've finished one pigtail, do exactly the same on the other. Just make sure you hold your hair tightly as you go, as this will help keep things neat!

What is your favourite festival hairstyle? Let us know by commenting below as the best comment across the site each week wins £50!

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