The newest make-up brushes: tried and tested. Which is best?

Published Tuesday, Jun 3 2014, 19:20 BST  |  By  |  2 comments
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When it comes to buying make-up brushes, does price matter?

Reveal's Junior Beauty Writer Amber Ascroft puts the latest ranges up to the test, uncovers the innovative brushes you'll love and dishes the dos and don'ts.

Brush up your knowledge

1. Make-up brushes can be made from different types of bristles. Back in the day, animal hairs only suited powders while synthetic bristles worked well with liquids. Now, mixed-fibre (a blend of both) tends to be the top choice.

2. Wash them weekly. There are all sorts of fancy cleaners but Johnson's Baby Shampoo, £3.65, is fab. Put some in your hand, swirl the brush in it, then rinse under warm running water, avoiding the area where the bristles meet the handle as it can melt the glue. Lay them flat on a towel to dry overnight.

3. Make your brushes multi-task. Lip brushes are great for dotting concealer onto spots while blush brushes work for bronzer too.

4. Sometimes you can't beat the 10 tools you're born with! Even make-up artists often use their hands - it just gives a slightly different finish. Experiment to see what works.

What's your favourite make-up brush? Tell us below as the best comment from across the site each week wins £50!

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