Laura Whitmore's crazy beauty trick – drying hair out of a cab window!

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Laura Whitmore must be a busy girl right now as she doesn't even have time to blow-dry her hair, instead resorting to sticking her head out of the window of a cab!

The gorgeous MTV presenter posted this gorgeous selfie on Instagram yesterday (23 September) with the words, "Best way to dry ones hair... Out the window of the cab!"

Laura Whitmore posts selfie on Instagram, drying hair in the back of a cab, 23 September 2013

© Instagram / @TheWhitmore

Laura often wears her hair slightly tousled and beachy so could this be the secret to her laid-back locks?

Or is it just a way of saving time in her hectic work schedule?

Taxis seem to have been the location of choice for on-the-go celebrities this summer as Kelly Brook also chose to beautify herself recently with a quick-fix face pack on her journey to work!

Sadly, us normal folk don't have the pleasure of taking such extravagant forms of transport to the office and applying face masks on the London Underground, or drying our hair out of the window of the number 73 bus doesn't really have the same effect.

Laura Whitmore, The TV Choice Awards 2013 held at the Dorchester - Arrivals, 9 September 2013

© WENN / Daniel Deme

Laura's locks were definitely NOT blow-dried in the back of a cab for the TV Choice Awards, 9 September 2013

We'll just have to manage our time better then – and maybe invest in a super-powerful hairdryer to do the job for us!

Here are our favourites to suit all budgets...

1. Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Hairdryer, £24.99, Great for curly, wavy or frizzy hair and a real bargain to boot!

2. Remington Stylist Turbo Hairdryer, £34.99, A super-fast dryer that's still pretty kind to the wallet.

Nicky Clarke Frizz Control 2000w DC Hair Dryer

Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Hairdryer, £24.99

Remington Stylist Turbo Hairdryer

Remington Stylist Turbo Hairdryer, £34.99

3. John Frieda Salon Shine Hairdryer, £59.99, The perfect ionic dryer for creating a glossy, professional-looking blow-dry.

4. ghd AIR Hairdryer, £99.99, Loved by the experts, this dryer is hard to beat for both speed and gorgeous results.

John Frieda Salon Shine Hairdryer

John Frieda Salon Shine Hairdryer, £59.99

ghd Air hairdryer

ghd AIR Hairdryer, £99.99

So, sorry Laura, we love the thought of seeing you rushing by in a cab with your head out of the window and locks blowing in the breeze, but we'll stick with our hairdryers thanks all the same.

After all, we probably could buy a hairdryer for the cost of a couple of cab journeys anyway!

Do you have a funny haircare tip? Let us know below. Our fave comment across the site each week wins £50!
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