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Reveal Promotion: Touch of Silver
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Let your blonde hair shine with Pro:Voke Touch of Silver. This new range gives you a brighter blonde after just one wash!

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver will help you to get noticed as it uses a violet pigment complex, optical brightener and UV absorber to give you a brighter blonde after just one use.

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Alexandra from London used the Touch of Silver range for this glamorous evening look.

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To take advantage of Alexandra's classic blonde hair and blue eyes, we use her peepers to full effect in our make-up. Selecting muted shades for the lips and cheeks, Alexandra's eyes are the main attraction.

Using a mascara to thicken and darken her lashes and a blue shade of eyeshadow on her eyelids to complement her pupils, this make-up enhances Alexandra's eyes for a scene-stealing impression.

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To get the hair to match her make-up, we create a classic 'milkmaid' braided up do which takes advantage of the enhanced platinum shine and volume achieved with Touch of Silver. Just make a simple side braid and wrap it around the head, securing with pins. This style draws attention to your facial features, especially the eyes.

Let a few strands loose at the side and back to create a more boho, rustic feel. For a more subtle and grown-up look, position the braid slightly further back on the head.

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver reveals the secret to perfecting your blonde.

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1 - Use Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo (£3.05 for 150ml) to instantly brighten and lift your colour.
2 - Follow with Pro:Voke Intensive Treatment Conditioner, (£3.05 for 150ml).
3 - In between washes use Pro:Voke Daily Maintenance Shampoo (£2.03 for 200ml) to maintain the optimum colour.
4 - Follow with Daily Nourish Conditioner (£2.03 for 200ml) for shine and manageability.
5 - For use on the go, top up with Revitalising Dry Shampoo and Instant Shine Dry Conditioner (£2.54 for 200ml).

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