Hilary Duff gets a Scousebrow (not really, she's dying her eyebrows)

Published Friday, Aug 16 2013, 16:23 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Hilary Duff almost had us thinking she'd gone a got a Scousebrow with this new picture!

But panic not, the all American girl is actually sporting some brown eyebrow dye above her peepers.

Hilary Duff dyes her eyebrows - 16 August 2013

© Twitter / Hilary Duff

Hilary decided it was time to darken her facial fuzz yesterday (16 August) and took a selfie midway through the process.

Sharing the photograph on Twitter, the mum-of-one also joked that she wanted to go out with the dye still on her forehead.

Hilary jested: "Getting my brows dyed.... Guys? Think ima leave em like this [my friend] is tellin me NO!"

We're with your friend on this one, Hilary!