Double topknots: 90s hair trend coming to a festival near you!

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We've already got high-rise jeans and crop tops, and now 90s hairstyles are making a return at this year's hottest music festivals!

Stylist Sophia Hilton, who will be on hand next month at V Festival in the Virgin Media's Louder Lounge, has told us how double or even multiple topknots are back.

No Doubt star Gwen Stefani rocked the 'do more than once during the 90s, and now it seems we should look to her, Wigfield and Gina G for inspiration!

Gwen Stefani / No Doubt

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Gwen Stefani pictured in 1998

Sophia tells Reveal: "The trend this year is massively more 90s. Before we were doing loads of single topknots, but now it's double.

"It's getting there already now, but people have to get used to it again! I live in Shoreditch in East London and people are already doing it there.

"Trends always start in that area and then spread. I was seeing topknots everywhere last season, and now I'm seeing them split into two."

She added: "I don't think everybody will be ready for it, but it's going to take those few brave kids to start pushing it and it will come through."

The Billboard Awards, Los Angeles, America - 1997
Gwen Stefani / No Doubt

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Gwen also went for multiple knots in 1997!

Sophia also told of another 90s trend threatening to take the nation by storm - binding!

"You can used string, ribbon, twine, anything to tie it up," she explains. "That's a really good festival tip. I made my own binds with suede and sheepskin. Just tie them together and wrap them up around your hair.

"My friends an I also buy cheap bunches of silk flowers before a festival then then pull them off the stalks and stick them in our hair."

Sophia's top tip for keeping hair looking good during a festival.

Batiste dry shampoo
"It's all about using dry shampoo BEFORE your hair gets greasy! No one ever thinks about it, but it works.

"If I'm going to a festival, I will wash my hair on the morning that we're going and curl it - because that will give me a base for the next few days.

"I'll spray the roots with a dry shampoo, such as Batiste, because that way, when the grease appears, it's ready to get rid of it. I'd then go curly and tatty for a few days and then bring more and more up on top of my head.

"Towards the end, I'll wash my fringe and use dry shampoo around the back and sides of my hair and just keep sticking it up with more and more products."

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