Exclusive: Sam Faiers talks fitness secrets and Lucy Mecklenburgh 'rivalry' rumours

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Sam Faiers is determined to whip us all into shape in 2015 with a little help from her new at-home fitness website.

Last year, the former TOWIE star launched her own perfume, a line of fake eyelashes and a clothing collection for online retailer Very.co.uk. Now, Sam has expanded her empire by launching into the world of health and fitness with her brand new site, Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers.

After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease last year, Sam revealed her weight plummeted to six stone, but she's since been exercising to help build up her body strength and muscle tone.

Sam Faiers, Nicole Attrill and Sophie Bradshaw launch Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers at The Worx in London - 6 January 2015

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Sam (centre) has launched her new website with the help of personal trainer Nicole Attrill (right) and healthy eating expert Sophie Bradshaw (left).

In an exclusive chat with Reveal, the starlet talks through her exercise secrets, her daily healthy diet and what she really thinks of those Lucy Mecklenburgh rivalry rumours...

What made you want to start exercising and getting fit?

"Before I went into Celebrity Big Brother last year, I was exercising quite a lot and eating healthy. I was single and I wanted to make sure I felt amazing going into the house. But then I felt poorly in the house and lost all my weight and all my body muscle. I went down to six stone. So when I started to feel better again and regained my strength, I started introducing a little bit of exercise. I had to change my diet too, not dramatically but I couldn't eat certain foods. So ever since then I've wanted to build up my body to be healthy and toned, but also keep my curves because I didn't like being so tiny. Then in April I met [personal trainer] Nicole Attrill and we had the idea of starting a fitness website with a nutrition side to it. All the workouts are focused on you and how you want your body to be, so you can work on certain areas."

Did you find it hard at first to motivate yourself to exercise?

"Even if I haven't been doing exercise for a while, I can pick it up again straight away. I don't know how I do it! When I was younger I used to be a gymnast and I'd train nine hours a week. I was very active as a child, I was on the netball team and I often went swimming. But then I got into boys and things like going to the cinema, all that kind of stuff, and then I got into a relationship and it all went downhill! But then when I became single again I thought, 'Right that's it, I'm getting fit!' This morning when I woke up, I just put my sports bra on and kept my pyjama bottoms on to work out. It was so easy."

Sam Faiers launches her Very.co.uk fashion collection in London - 13 November 2014

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How often do you exercise and which body parts do you work on the most?

"I do something every day now. Today I focused on one of my cardio programmes which included burpees, and I also did an abs workout. It only took about 20 minutes. The workouts aren't very long, but they are intense. When you're at home it's so much easier to exercise, you haven't got to look good or worry about what you're wearing!"

Is there a particular part of your body you're especially proud of?

"My arms, it's nice to have that definition there, especially if you go out and you're wearing a little dress."

What does your typical daily diet look like?

"This morning I made myself a smoothie with my Nutribullet. I see smoothies as more of a quick drink rather than a breakfast, because I still get hungry! So I had a smoothie with blackberries, strawberries, banana and natural yoghurt, and then later I had scrambled egg, salmon and a slice of brown toast. For lunch I had a tuna wrap with salad and peppers, and last night for dinner I made myself grilled chicken, mixed salad, corn on the cob and I diced up some sweet potato and baked them in coconut oil to make it really healthy. I'm on the go a lot so I can't always cook my own meals three times a day. I do enjoy cooking but when you live in your own, you make all that food and all that mess and it's only you. So I tend to cook more when I've got a friend round or I'm entertaining."

Who is your ultimate celebrity body icon?

"I love J-Lo! She's got great abs and arms, a good shape all over. Considering she's in her 40s, she just looks incredible."

Sam Faiers promotes her perfume 'La Bella' at The Fragrance Shop in Ashford - 16 August 2014

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There was a rumour about a rivalry between yourself and Lucy Mecklenburgh, as she also runs a fitness website...

"It always gets thrown around, especially with Lucy and I. When I had my fragrance and she brought hers out, they [the media] did a similar story. Lucy and I have been friends since we were at school, so there's no competition or animosity or anything like that. We've spoken recently and it's fine. I don't know where that [rumour] came from. We laughed about it!"

You were very ill this time last year when you were diagnosed with Crohn's disease – how are you feeling now?

"Absolutely fine, everything is under control. I live a normal life, I can still go out and socialise, but it's just about making certain changes and doing everything in moderation. There are certain foods I won't eat and certain alcoholic drinks I avoid. In terms of exercise, I can pretty much do anything. I'm living a normal, healthy life."

Celebrity Big Brother must seem so long ago for you now...

"Yes, being in the Celebrity Big Brother house was like a blur. I wasn't well so it was so weird, the whole experience was so different for me."

It returns to our screens tonight (7 January) – will you be watching?

"Yes, I can't wait!"

If you could see any celebrity enter the house, who would it be?

"I'd like to see a comedian go in, like Alan Carr. He'd be brilliant, wouldn't he?"

Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers is a new health and fitness website - www.celebritytraining.co.uk.

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