Exclusive: Sam Faiers talks eyelashes, being single and Kim Kardashian's bum!

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Sam Faiers has revealed her top make-up must-haves and lip-plumping tips, and has even given us the lowdown on what Kim Kardashian's bum looks like in real life!

Reveal caught up with the starlet to discuss her new false eyelashes range, Lashes By Samantha, while nabbing a bit of celeb goss following her recent trip to LA.

Former TOWIE star Sam also revealed how much she loves being an auntie to little Nelly, plus why she won't be looking for a boyfriend any time soon...

Sam Faiers promotes her Lashes By Samantha false eyelash collection - 25 November 2014

© Lashes By Samantha

What made you want to launch a lash range?

"I've always wanted to do lashes. After the success of [my perfume] La Bella, now I'm in the beauty industry I thought the next thing had to be lashes. I don't have any natural lashes myself, so I've spent thousands on fake lashes over the years and I've worn them since I was 16. I know what I like in a lash, I don't want the strip to scratch and I want the glue to be good. I can't have latex in my eyelash glue because my eyes are sensitive, it irritates them. Lashes are such an important part of my life so I wanted my collection to be perfect."

You've been quite open about the fact you don't have natural lashes - do you ever feel self-conscious about it?

"When I was younger, of course. When I was in primary school I never really made eye contact and people thought I was weird. But when I went to senior school I had confidence to talk about it so I didn't see it as an issue. I was just like, 'Yep I don't have any, I picked them out'. I wouldn't have let anyone bully me. I had a lot of confidence in senior school, and Billie was the year above me so I had her. Then when I left school I discovered fake lashes, and that was it! But I had some dodgy times, even when I was in TOWIE, sometimes I'd double up my lashes or they'd be falling down my face! But you have to go through those processes in life to learn, right?"

What products are in your daily make-up bag right now?

"I'm really into Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, £32, I bought it when I was in LA. I love it, it's so nice. I'm also really into my Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette in Vintage Vamp, £38. On her website, she tells you which colours will suit your eyes, and I've got green eyes so these are my colours. I also love Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blusher, £30. My make-up is getting out of control, my collection is just ridiculous! I'm more of a lipgloss than a lipstick person, and I like a smoky eye but not with colours that are too dark, I prefer browns and golds. Then I like a peachy cheek. I'm very much into that Victoria's Secret fresh, bronzy and glowy look."

Any bargain products you're loving at the mo'?

"Yes quite I few, I love Astral All Over Moisturiser, £3.89, Garnier Body Tonic Milk, £6.99, and I use Dove Deodorant, £2.79. I like to mix, I have high street stuff and then I have more expensive things, like Clarins and Moroccanoil. I love St. Ives Facial Scrub, £4.29, and I recently bought Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, £9.99, it's so lovely. I apply it before I go to bed and when I wake up, my skin feels really soft and hydrated."

Sam Faiers promotes her Lashes By Samantha false eyelash collection - 25 November 2014

© Lashes By Samantha

You attended Charlotte Tilbury's make-up launch party in LA and met Kim Kardashian. What was that like?

"It was amazing, Kim was so lovely, and she's tiny in real life! She's literally flawless and really sweet. We were chatting, she was like, 'Do you like being here in LA?' I said, 'I love it! You come to London a lot, do you like it?' We just had a little chitchat, I didn't want to take up too much of her time. I had to keep my cool! But I loved being out in LA, I went to all the cool parties. I was in Soho House chilling out with celebs everywhere; in one of the clubs I had Kings of Leon on one side and Rixton on the other. It was so surreal. I went to SoulCycle and Harry Styles was in there, it was mad. Celebs just roam the streets! I went to the Playboy mansion, I was there with Crystal Hefner and she was lovely, we got on like a house on fire."

Would you ever move to LA?

"No! As much as I love it, I'm such a home bird, I'm a family person and especially with Nelly now, I couldn't leave home. But I would commute [to LA] for work if I had to!"

Kim recently hit headlines thanks to THAT bum picture in Paper Magazine...

"Oh my gosh I know, how is that even normal! I'm all for a nice pert, toned bum, but no matter how many squats I do, I don't think I would ever in a million years be able to get a bum like that!"

Does her bum look like that in real life?!

"No! When I saw her, she had this really lovely, tight, fitted black dress on, and obviously I had a look... she looked curvy and her bum was there, but it was nothing like in those pictures. I was expecting her to walk in with this massive booty, but it was just voluptuous."

Recently there were rumours about you having plastic surgery - what was that all about?

"It was ridiculous! I'd usually just let something like that go, but because I have such a young following, I felt like I had to defend myself. I'm not against surgery or anything, but I'm only 23 and I don't want people to think that's what I do or set an example. It's annoying because, say if I'm in my 30s and I do want to have a bit of Botox, what will they say then, that I've had a face lift? I just felt I had to say something because it's not good for my young following, it's not what I'm about and it's not what I promote. People forget that I am 23, and I look after myself so I do have nice skin. You get punished for looking haggard, but when you look after your skin and cleanse, tone and moisturise, you still get punished because they say you've had surgery. You can't win."

Sam Faiers promotes her Lashes By Samantha false eyelash collection - 25 November 2014

© Lashes By Samantha

Do you have any make-up tricks for enhancing your features?

"Yes, I've been doing the Kylie Jenner lip liner thing! She fills in her Cupid's bow, so she lines all around her lips, fills in her bow and then puts gloss in the middle and rubs it in. I don't know if she's actually had her lips done, but it's incredible what you can do with make-up. Like with contouring, you can make your nose half the size and chisel your cheeks so you look totally different."

Your sister Billie gave birth to little Nelly in July - do you love being an auntie?

"Yes I love it! I'm obsessed. I love Nelly so much, I see her every day if I can. She knows who I am, I walk into the room and she smiles. She's just so cute! We can't wait to hear her talking, I don't want to wish her life away but you know, we want to hear her voice and her little personality!"

Do you have any plans to appear in another TV show?

"Next year TV is definitely on the horizon. At the moment I'm so busy with my beauty products and my clothing range for Very.co.uk, but TV is something I want to do next year. I don't know what yet, it's about choosing the right thing and going down the right path. But I'd love to host something like a dating show, be a Cilla Black! I love setting people up, being a bit cheeky and pushing people out of their comfort zones. That would be ideal, I'd love it."

You're single yourself - are you enjoying single life?

"Yes. I've been busy, I've been on holiday and Christmas is coming up, so I haven't really had time to think about it. I've just been enjoying the freedom and hanging out with the girls. It's not been an issue for me, it's fine."

Would you be open to romance if you met the right person?

"To be honest, I'm really not interested at the minute. The thought of dating is like... ugh! Maybe next year, but right now I'm just not up for it. I've been out and guys have asked me out and flirted, chatted me up, but I don't know what it is, even if the guy is good looking, I'm just not interested. I think I'm so wrapped up in my career, I'm like a closed book when it comes to men right now, I'm not letting anyone in. I will do eventually, but I've just come out of a really long relationship so I'm concentrating on me right now... I'm being selfish!"

Lashes By Samantha will be available to buy at Very.co.uk, priced from £5 to £6.25.

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