Exclusive: Millie Mackintosh talks skin secrets, tanning tips and hair disasters!

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As a make-up artist, Millie Mackintosh has heaps of beauty tricks up her sleeve - she knows how to nail everything from flawless, glowing skin to a perfect bronzed faux tan.

The former Made In Chelsea star - who has been signed as the first-ever face of Nip + Fab - always looks groomed and glossy, whether she's just popping to the shops or heading for date night with hubby Professor Green.

So when Reveal grabbed a quick chat with the starlet, it was only fair we stole a few of her beauty secrets... right?!

Millie Mackintosh attends the Nip + Fab press launch, held at The Soho Hotel in London, England - 9 July 2014

© Rex Features / Richard Young

Hi Millie! You've got amazing skin, but you've said in the past you used to suffer badly with spots. How did you change your skin around?

"Yes, I did in my teenage years. It's about having good skincare and understanding your skin type. The Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood line is great for summer, because right now I've got combination skin, whereas in the winter my skin tends to be drier. I think most people will find their skin changes with the seasons, so it's really good to be mindful of that. Think about what your skin needs. Rather than just doing the same routine all year round, change what products you use depending on how your skin is looking and feeling. You might use a more intensive moisturiser in winter and a lighter one in the summer.

"I also like to do a lot of face masks too, it's nice to have a pamper night at home. Take the time to look after your skin, rather than just taking your make-up off and jumping straight into bed! The Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Mask, £14.95 [launching in October], is really nice to use once or twice a week. You can also leave it on overnight for an intense treatment, or if use it when you're flying to stop your skin getting dehydrated."

You always have a lovely glow to your skin, can you let us in on your secrets?

"I use an illuminator, I love Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow, £38.50. It's great to use even if you don't wear much make-up. I'll put it on after my moisturiser, then put a bit of tinted moisturiser on top. Or if I'm in a hurry I'll mix them together on the back of my hand, then use a buffing brush to apply, that way it doesn't look too sparkly or unnatural.

"You can also apply your bronzer and add a little bit of the illuminator on the tops of your cheekbones to bring them out. I find it looks quite dated to just use a really pink blusher popped on the middle of the cheeks, it's much more flattering to use a bronzy blush on the cheek area. I love NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna, £27."

Reveal interview Millie Mackintosh at the Nip + Fab press launch, held at The Soho Hotel, London - 9 July 2014

© Twitter / @NipandFab

Reveal chatted to Millie at the Nip + Fab press launch in London on 9 July.

Any recent make-up discoveries you've been loving?

"Yes! Eyeko Brow Gel, £18, is really good, it tints to match the colour of your eyebrows so you don't need to draw them in with a pencil. It just makes them look really thick and full. Then Urban Decay do the really well-known Naked eyeshadow palettes, but they also make Naked Lipglosses, £14 each, which are great, really moisturising. They're light and non-sticky too."

Your brows always look great - what are your top grooming tips?

"I get mine threaded, it's really painful but I find it pulls the skin less than waxing. My fear with waxing is that it's constantly pulling, so when you're older it could affect the skin around your eyes because it's so delicate there. Threading is really nice, you get a really neat look and they'll trim them too, and they don't make them noticeably thin. You can then just do maintenance at home with tweezers. I like a natural look, but my eyebrows are quite fair so I darken them a little bit and make them a bit thicker, but I don't want to ever make them look like they're drawn on. So I'd say always go for a product a tiny bit lighter than your hair colour."

We spotted a throwback picture of you with bright blonde hair the other day - you looked so different!

"I know! I don't think it suited me at all! It was when I was in Australia with Caggie [Dunlop] and I was super-tanned. I went through this two-year period of being SO tanned, like darker-than-Essex tanned! My hair wasn't even white blonde - it was more yellow blonde, it just looked so unnatural. And it felt like straw!"

Did you dye it yourself?

"One of my friends did it for me. It went really wrong, first it went ginger so we had to put loads of highlights on top. I think it was a bit of a disaster! I used Sun-In, lemon juice, those little kits where you can make your own highlights at home... whatever I could get my hands on, basically! Now, my advice is to save up and get it done at the hairdresser. I always say that to my sister. It's just not worth it!"

Millie Mackintosh and Caggie Dunlop throwback photo, Instagram, 8 July

© Instagram / @camillamackintosh

Millie looks totally different with blonde hair in this throwback snap with pal Caggie.

Talking of hair, it can easily dry out in the sun - how do you keep yours in good condition?

"If you're in the sun or you've been in the pool or sea, don't let your hair dry with the chlorine or salt in it, because that can really affect it. Usually there's a shower around so make sure you rinse out your hair. Also, take a hair mask with you on holiday and put it in your hair while it's wet, then while you're in the sun let it dry with the hair mask in, you can just put your hair up in a bun or whatever. That way it's like a heat treatment too, it makes it really soft.

"I love the brand Oribe, I use their shampoo and conditioner. I had balayage last summer, where they put blonde dye through the ends, so I use their products as they're good for helping those dry ends which still have old colour. Loads of hair masks are super-hydrating, so just whack one in! You can use argan oil too."

You're always making us jealous with your bronzed glow - what are your top tanning tips?

"I think it's really important to prep your skin properly for a tan. Make sure you've got rid of any old fake tan on your skin before you start again, otherwise it's just not going to go on evenly. If you want to shave your legs, make sure you do it the day before, otherwise the tan can seep into the open pores and you'll get those little dark dots. I love St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, £30.50, and also Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse, £7.99. It gives a lovely colour and fades really well too.

"Get a friend to help you if you can't reach areas, use a mitt and make sure you wash your hands afterwards. I wash my hands, then put a little bit just on the back of my hands and rub them together, then rub my wrists together too. That way you don't have an obvious line between your wrists and hands. But if you're not used to tan, do a little patch test first! That's the best way to see how dark it will go, rather than just waking up and getting a surprise in the morning!"

The Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix range will be available in October from Tesco, Boots and Superdrug.

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