Exclusive: Celebrity hairdresser Charles Worthington talks BAFTAs red carpet hair

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The stars were out in force for the BAFTAs 2014 last night (16 February), and we just couldn't keep our eyes off their fabulous hairdos!

From Samantha Barks' chic updo to Fearne Cotton's supersize bouffant, the amazing array of voluminous styles was definitely a hot talking point on the night.

We caught up with celebrity hairdresser Charles Worthington - the event's official hair partner - who tended to the tresses of the rich and famous before the event.

"We had three suits at The Savoy Hotel, and we turned them into Charles Worthington pamper zones," says Charles.

"Along the corridor Lancôme were doing make-up, and there were suites with jewels and gowns. It was like a corridor of glamour. You start at one end, and by the time you get to the other, you're ready for the red carpet!"

Whose hair did you style for the event?

"Samantha Barks, she was my muse on the red carpet! She wore a stunning cream Calvin Klein dress, so I wanted to create a regal hairstyle as her overall image was very statuesque.

Samantha Barks at the BAFTAs 2014 held at the Royal Opera House in London - 16 February 2014

© WENN / Lia Toby

Les Mis star Samantha Barks

"I backcombed her hair first to give a bit of volume, then very loosely looped it and tied it back into the nape of the neck. It was very simple and beautiful, and showed off her face and neckline.

"Sai Bennett again has a lovely fresh face and stunning hair. I wanted to leave her hair down, so I swept it to one side. She was dressed in a very simple Chanel outfit and she looked beautiful with lovely loose waves cascading over one shoulder. I thought that look worked really well on her. It was one of her first big red carpet events, so she was really excited and very confident because she knew she looked amazing!

Sai Bennett at the BAFTAs 2014 held at the Royal Opera House in London - 16 February 2014

© WENN / Joe

Mr Selfridge actress Sai Bennett

"We also had a last minute call from Olga Kurylenko. I sent one of my team off in a car at high speed, it was all very James Bond! She was wearing a beautiful slinky mermaid-esque dress, so loose curls complemented her look well. With all red carpet events the dress is always the starting point, and we create a look which flows with that."

Olga Kurylenko at the BAFTAs 2014 held at the Royal Opera House in London - 16 February 2014

© WENN / Lia Toby

Actress and model Olga Kurylenko

What was the main hair trend at the BAFTAs?

"Definitely volume. A little bit of backcombing at the roots for fuller hair with a bit of freedom of movement, not static and stiff.

"I developed a product especially for the BAFTAs to help create amazing volume called Volume & Bounce Thick & Full 3D Body Booster Crème, £6.99. You apply it to damp hair and it practically triples the volume of your natural hair. We used it on Samantha and Sai, it really helped to create and hold their looks."

Fearne Cotton definitely stood out with her ginormous bob - what did you think of it?

"I loved it! I thought she looked great. It had a retro feel to it, but she still looked modern and fresh."

Fearne Cotton at the BAFTAs 2014 held at the Royal Opera House in London - 16 February 2014

© WENN / Joe

Fearne Cotton

How about Lily Allen's pink hair accessory?

"That made a big statement. She was flying the flag for London Fashion Week. You wouldn't expect Lily to be a shrinking violet, she has a big character and personality, and I think she carried that through with the clashing colours of her dress and her big pink hair accessory. She brought London fashion to the forefront."

Lily Allen at the BAFTAs 2014 held at the Royal Opera House in London - 16 February 2014

© WENN / Mario Mitsis

Lily Allen

Who do you think bagged the crown for best hair at the ceremony?

"My girls! Samantha and Sai both really rocked the red carpet. But if I was to pick someone else, Lupita Nyong'o looked amazing. That green dress against her skintone was fantastic, and her sharp haircut looked superb. Hair like hers doesn't need a lot of dressing, but it needs a great haircut. She almost reminded me of a modern day Grace Jones, she had that strength of character."

Lupita Nyong'o at the BAFTAs 2014 held at the Royal Opera House in London - 16 February 2014

© WENN / Lia Toby

Lupita Nyong'o

Angeline Jolie rocked a tux paired with loose locks - is that how you would have styled her hair?

"No it isn't actually! I thought the tuxedo idea was fantastic, I loved it. She did look beautiful with her hair loose, but personally I think the androgynous theme should have been followed through with her hair. I think it should have been slicked back from her face for a slightly more androgynous look. Or it could have been tied back into a tiny little tight nape knot with a side parting, so again it would have had a masculine feel to it. She's so feminine-looking, she could definitely carry off quite a masculine hairstyle."

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the BAFTAs 2014 held at the Royal Opera House in London - 16 February 2014


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

What are the hottest hair trends for spring?

"We're seeing a lot of people coming in [to the salon] and having their hair cut. Jennifer Lawrence has inspired women into thinking short hair is sexy, versatile and cool. Haircuts are definitely coming back, whether they're super-short, shoulder-length or a bob."

What style of bob do you think will be big this season?

"I think it's going to be the textured bob rather than the crisp, one-length look. Definitely more of a looser edge. It's softer, easier and more flexible to wear. "

Who would you love to see go for the chop?

"Angelina. She'd look great with a haircut!"

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