Exclusive: Lydia Bright: "I looked horrendous when I first appeared on TOWIE!"

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Former TOWIE star Lydia Bright is no stranger to a stunning make-up look, so who better to talk us through her favourite beauty products?

Reveal caught up with the pretty brunette for a girly natter about everything from Kim Kardashian's smoky eyes to embarrassing false lash disasters.

She even let us in on the secret behind her bouncy tresses and why she'd love to look like her pal Lucy Mecklenburgh!

Lydia Bright for imPress press-on manicure by Broadway Nails, October 2013

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How has your make-up changed since appearing on TOWIE?

"Oh my gosh, so much! I looked horrendous when I first appeared on TOWIE, I didn't really know much about make-up at all. I used to wear foundation two shades darker than my skin, and I thought bronzer went all over your face! I wore massive fake lashes that basically looked like brooms on the end of my face, I just didn't have a clue at all.

"Since being in the industry and meeting make-up artists, I've picked up so many tricks like contouring and highlighting. I also experiment a lot more with my eye and lip colours now that I've dyed my hair darker.

"When I was blonde I would only wear a red lip, but now I wear hot pinks, baby pinks and corals. And I wear more colours and patterns on my nails too. I used to keep things very traditional, but now I use crazy nail wraps with stars and prints."

What is your signature make-up look?

"Matte skin, contoured cheeks, brown smoky eyes, matte lipstick and red nails. I love MAC Lipstick in Russian Red, £15, and for foundation I use MAC Studio Fix Fluid, £21.50."

Lydia Bright for imPress press-on manicure by Broadway Nails, October 2013

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Top bargain beauty buy?

"My lips get very chapped so I always keep Carmex Lip Pot, £2.69, in my make-up bag. I've used it for 10 years. When I'm wearing lipstick I sometimes apply Carmex over the top for a slight sheen."

Favourite recent make-up discovery?

"I'd have to say the imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails, £7.99. I only discovered the brand a few months ago when I went to a press event. I've not stopped wearing them since, they're really easy to stick on and they don't damage your nails, and they come in really cool designs. I used to always just have red polish on my nails, but now I like mixing things up and trying new colours."

Lydia Bright for imPress press-on manicure by Broadway Nails, October 2013

© Jay McLaughlin at Kayte Ellis Agency

You've been spotted out with the Made In Chelsea girls – have you picked up any make-up tips from them?

"Not really, their make-up is so subtle. It looks amazing on them, but in Essex we love our lashes and glamorous make-up. But Chelsea girls always look so fresh, like they've just woken up like that. If I did that I don't think it would suit me, it would look like I have no make-up on! Ashley James from MIC is one of my really good friends, she's so beautiful."

Who is your celeb beauty crush?

"I love Abbey Clancy's make-up, she always looks amazing. And of course Kim Kardashian, who doesn't love her make-up? I always go to my make-up artist with a picture of Kim and say: "Make me look like that," and she'll reply: "Well I can't make you look like Kim Kardashian because you've got completely different looks, but I'll try my hardest!" Her make-up is unreal, isn't it? I preferred it before she was blonde though because she used to wear heavier, smokier eyes."

Tips for big hair?

"Good rollers. Normally I blow-dry my hair with a round brush, and then use Sleep-In Rollers, £19.99. Sometimes I wear them all day. Where I'm from, people always have their rollers in on a Friday!"

Lydia Bright for imPress press-on manicure by Broadway Nails, October 2013

© Jay McLaughlin at Kayte Ellis Agency

You have your own collection of dresses, do you know which one you'll be wearing on New Year's Eve yet?

"Yes, I've got a really beautiful black dress called Ada, £70, it's got a little pearl brooch. I can wear my red lip with it, it's a straight fit so it's very seductive and it's very classic. I based it on a dress worn by Audrey Hepburn so it's got a classy, 1950s look about it.

"I'd wear it with some gold bracelets, pearl earrings and a killer pair of red patent courts. Then I'd go for a gold shimmery eye and red nails. I've also just discovered Vita Liberata Capture The Light Illuminating Skin Finish, £29.95, which gives your skin a lovely shimmer."

Lucy Mecklenburgh has had great success with her Results With Lucy fitness business. Would you ever train with her?

"I wish I could be like Lucy, she's insane and has an amazing body, but she does work hard for it. I'm not a fitness fanatic like her, I do train but Lucy is too hardcore for me – she'd put me to shame!"

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