FAQs - iPad & iPhone Edition of Reveal

What is the Reveal app?

Everything you love about Reveal but available to buy while the mag is still being printed! Jam-packed with celebrities and showbiz, high-street fashion and real life stories, it's the same great content but in a dynamic and easy-to-navigate format.

On sale just in time for the weekend, the Reveal early edition is currently exclusive to Apple at the bargain price of just 69p per week, or subscribe to make further savings. Reveal for Apple, why wait until Tuesdays?

Why buy a digital copy of Reveal?

  • Exclusive early edition – be the first to read Reveal – the early edition is exclusive to Apple and on sale at least 3 days before the mag hits the shops

  • Save money – a single copy costs just 69p, or subscribe to make further savings.

  • Easy to read – the dynamic and easy-to-navigate format has been specially created for Apple devices to offer the ultimate digital mag experience. Move around the magazine the way you prefer, with several navigation options.

  • Instant and portable– once downloaded, your copy travels with you, so you can take your whole magazine collection wherever you go.

  • Interactive exclusive content – some issues will include digital-only features plus live links to websites, emails and phone numbers.

  • Environmentally friendly – no trees were harmed in the making of this product! And we pass the paper saving on to you.

On what devices it is available?
Apple iOS devices: iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod touch If you're running iOS 5, you can download the App directly from the Newsstand section of Apple's App Store. Buy on one device and access your issue on all the others.

Do I have to pay?
The Reveal app is free to download. However, you will have to pay for a subscription or each issue of the digital magazine in the app.

I've downloaded the Reveal app, but where is it?
On an Apple iOS device, this will be within the Newsstand folder.

What is the Newsstand feature?
Apple Newsstand is a built-in application on Apple iOS devices. It is dedicated to downloading and displaying digital versions of newspapers and magazines.

Why should I subscribe?
By subscribing, you'll save money compared to buying a single copy. Check the app store for up-to-date pricing.

Do I automatically get a new issue each week?
If you have accepted push notifications (promoted on your first entry into the app) then you will get background downloads.

How do I download an issue within an app?
If you are not a subscriber, you will be able to buy each issue by tapping the button showing the issue price or "Buy". For Apple iOS devices, you may be asked to confirm your iTunes password. After confirmation, you will see a button underneath each issue labelled 'Download'. Tap this to get each issue. You can then tap the 'Read' button to start. If you are a subscriber, you will be entitled to view all the issues within your subscription term and will just need to tap 'Download' and then 'view' on any issue.

How do I navigate through the content?
Reveal navigation has been designed to be easy and simple to use. We've put instructions within the first pages of the digital magazine.

Can I use the app offline?
Yes. Once an issue is downloaded, it's available for offline use.

Once I stop my subscription can I still view the archive of copies I have already purchased?
Yes all downloaded copies will stay on your device until you delete them.

Is there a viewing allowance?
Once you have downloaded an issue, you can read it as often as you like.

Is the content completely the same?
Yes it's the same great content that you love in your printed magazine plus we often include content exclusive to the digital edition.

Can I give this as a gift subscription?
Sorry, it is not currently possible to give Newsstand subscriptions directly as a gift. Why not buy someone an iTunes voucher and tell them to subscribe to Reveal?

How do free copies work?
Any free issues that you download will always be yours to keep at no charge.

I am having general problems with my app on Apple iOS devices.
You may need to restart the application by double tapping on the round home button on the bottom front of your device. The apps that are running on your device will appear along the bottom row.
1. Hold down the icons until they "shake."
2. Tap on the red circle to close the app and reset your application. This does not delete the app; it just stops it from running.
3. Double-tap the home button again to return to all of your apps.
4. Re-open the app.

Alternatively, check you have the latest version of the app from the App Store. Try a hard reset (hold down the power button till the 'slide to power off' option comes up, turn the device back on and then re-open the app).

The issue hasn't fully downloaded?
On Apple iOS devices, if the download has got stuck, try closing and restarting the app. If that fails delete the app and reinstall.

How do I manage my subscriptions?
Your subscription confirmation will include more details should you wish to update your subscription or turn off auto-renewal. Here are some details for you:

For Apple iOS devices visit http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098

I've been unable to resolve my problem and need further help.

For queries relating to the actual app (performance, downloads, missing pages etc):
Please email our Customer Service team on revealfeedback@hearst.co.uk explaining your problem and they'll do their best to help. The team will respond within working hours (9.30-5.30pm GMT, Monday to Friday).

For queries relating to the iTunes Store and iTunes account (auto-renewals):

General iTunes Support: